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Late night dinner ran to McDonald’s, ordered $51.68 in food to go. Came home ready to feast with my very hungry and happy family.

Jonathan my finance starts complaining his food taste odd. We both look down “now”at his half eaten burger and to our disbelief was bloody and raw. I know that this is very uncalled for considering it was not busy, there are times for how long the meat should be cooked. So McDonald’s,I’m asking you do you train your employees????

This ruined our whole meal because if they were not trained on Food safety......,They most certainly could think it okay not to wash hands and who knows what they do while preparing other foods. Very unsatisfactory

Review about: Mcdonalds Double Quarter Pounder Cheeseburger.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It's McDonald's.

For less than 1/2 the money, you could have prepared a duplicate menu meal yourself of high quality, safely prepared, hot, fresh, excellent food yourself.

What could they provide that you can't easily do a better job of yourself ?

That's not good training or nutrition for your children and could easily contribute to a long term pattern of weight and health issues for them.

I am not sympathetic towards your disappointment and suggest improved habits.

to William #1434705

It sounds like you have many years experience in raising 4 children. The question was not what I fed my kids but what service was provided from the company I paid to prepare my meal.

I would be happy to accommodate your feelings if you are willing to pay for whatever meal I provide for my family. Feel free to contact me and set up a way to send funds so that I can make you happy otherwise keep your comments to yourself and worry about your own obesity and nutritional advice.

to William #1495151

William you are a sloth you should mind your own business and stop starting crap. Worthless miserable ***

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