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I HATE the new cups! They don't keep the ice from melting and it totally changes the taste of the tea and coke.

BRING BACK THE STYROFOAM. I used to be able to keep a drink in the fridge for about 2-3 days and it was still the same delicious tasting tea or coke that McD's is famous for. Not anymore!! I won't be buying drinks there anymore for sure because the drink totally sucks now!

Maybe I will go to Chick-fil-A for tea because they still use the styrofoam.

I understand wanting to help the environment, however, some things are best not messed with.

You don't always have to give into the pressure. Bad move Mickey D's, bad move

Review about: Mcdonalds Drink.


Preferred solution: BRING BACK THE STYROFOAM.

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OMG yes, I "used to " love mc Donalds large cokes and now it's gross! The ice melts so fast and makes the coke watery. Yuck!


I hate the new cups and agree with everyone else as to the cups makes more of a mess and doesn't keep drinks cold. I stop at Sonic now since its the same price during happy hour and even not i will pay the little extra for the styrofoam cup.


I agree. It gets watered down before you get out of the parking lot.

I have made the move to Chick Fila or Zaxbys. I’ll pay more to have my drink actually stay fresh.


I agree. My ice melted in 15 min and my drink was hot even in an airconditioned car.

Guess I won't be buying McD ice tea or else bring in my own foam cup.

I have saved two and re use while traveling. May have to just buy a Yeti cup


The cups are terrible! I’m addicted to sweat tea, 2 a day, but I can not stand the cups.

The sweat... it ruins everything, documents, leaves rings on tables, the ice melts like I microwaved it.

My god please bring back the old cup. I started buying chick fila tea...


A little research indicates that styrofoam cups, plates, etc. can be recycled.

If this is true then McDonald's should return to styrofoam and abandon the miserable plastic cups!Polystyrene foam?

There are over 500 foam recycling programs throughout the U.S. and Canada.


The new cups flex when putting a lid on them causing contents to spill all over the counter. The thin Berry plastics cups (imperial plastics with the CROWN) sweat all over the inside of your car, cause water rings on wood and do not keep beverages cold.

The cups are garbage. Get your food and stop at the gas station and get a better drink.


Everyone I know is not buying drinks at McDonalds due to plastic cups. They sweat and are messy.

I have given my business to other fastfoods that have Styrofoam cups! I would rather paper than plastic!


Agreed! Will not buy drinks there anymore.


Can't tell you how many times the sweaty cup has slipped through my hands to spill my tea. Hate the flimsy plastic cup.


Agreed. I stopped going to McDonalds too for lack of the old foam cups.

The thin, wimpy plastic cups just plain suck. They do not keep cold drinks cold, they sweat all over everything and they just plain SUCK!

I did like the new fresh meat Quarter Pounder. but without the nice cold fountain drinks, I am going somewhere else


Hate, Hate, Hate the new cups! Have stopped going to McDonalds at all.

What the carp were they thinking?

Who want a flemsy sweaty cup that will not keep the drink cold? Just can’t fix stupid!


So true I won't buy cold drinks there anymore


Ok cmon, how much better can these plastic cups be for our environment, they already tell us there are enough plastic water bottles to go around the earth twice. Im with the flotation guy, shred em and make life jackets.

This just isn't going to work. Thank God for the Polar Pop !!!Type your message here


Hate the new cups. Always went to McDonalds just for the foam cups. Not anymore.


There's a McDonalds across the street from my office. I used to go 2-3 times a day, and now I might go 2-3 times a month, only if I'm in a tremendous hurry.

Sonic, Chick-Fil-A, Zaxby's and Bojangles now see me much more often.

McDonalds, have really made a poor decision. Good luck with your poorly researched decision.

to USA-1 #1501663

I take a large styrofoam cup with me from another burger place. I buy my drink throw their cup away and use mine


I agree. Hate the plastic cups.

The ice melts, and the drink doesn’t last long enough to make it home for recycling.

The foam cups were my #1 reason for stopping at McD’s. Now I rarely go.


I hate the new cups they sweat and my ice melts to fast!


Don’t like the new cups

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