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I HATE the new cups! They don't keep the ice from melting and it totally changes the taste of the tea and coke.

BRING BACK THE STYROFOAM. I used to be able to keep a drink in the fridge for about 2-3 days and it was still the same delicious tasting tea or coke that McD's is famous for. Not anymore!! I won't be buying drinks there anymore for sure because the drink totally sucks now!

Maybe I will go to Chick-fil-A for tea because they still use the styrofoam.

I understand wanting to help the environment, however, some things are best not messed with.

You don't always have to give into the pressure. Bad move Mickey D's, bad move

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Drink.


Preferred solution: BRING BACK THE STYROFOAM.

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I hate their *** cups and often go to sonic instead as i can get the styrofoam one that keeps your drink cold for hours and mcdonalds *** cup is flimsy and sweats like crazy so everything gets wet and does not keep your drink cold for long....hate it!!!


I agree 100%. I haven’t purchased a coke at my local McDonald’s for three months now because the cups sweat and the coke gets watered down in minutes.

Truly sad, I had been purchasing at least two cokes everyday for nearly ten years. I now go to chic filet or sonic for my cokes.


Hello SONIC!!!! It’s an American icon anyway!

After watching the Ray Krock movie about McDonalds even my 14 yr old son hates to give money to the place. Support Sonic and Chic fila


I hate the new cups. the ice melts very quickly and dilutes the drink.

Furthermore, the new cups sweat so much, they are extremely hard to hold onto.

I detest them. I think I might start taking my Yetti to McDonald's and have them put my tea in it.


McDonalds already don’t put but about 6 pieces of ice in a drink and now that they don’t have the styrofoam cups any more my ice melts in these awful plastic cups before I leave the drive through. I’m done with them. I will go to Chick Fil A!


Hey i herd McDonald's is selling half gallons of that good yummy sweet diabetic tea


Bring back the styrofoam cups


Sweating problem. Add a paper cuff or go back to styrofoam!!!


I agree. I now pay more to go to Chick filet or What a burger .


I was on kickstart.com they have the fix for the problem. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1519000588/dont-sweat-it-save-your-drink-make-a-difference?ref=project_build# Check it your going to love it


Just saw this on kickstarter.com ordered mine looks like they are not going to bring it back so still need my tea. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1519000588/dont-sweat-it-save-your-drink-make-a-difference?ref=


Bring the foam back please!


Macdonald's will soon learn of the Big mistake.


OMG yes, I "used to " love mc Donalds large cokes and now it's gross! The ice melts so fast and makes the coke watery. Yuck!


I hate the new cups and agree with everyone else as to the cups makes more of a mess and doesn't keep drinks cold. I stop at Sonic now since its the same price during happy hour and even not i will pay the little extra for the styrofoam cup.

to Texas Hot #1545093

yea! Sonic rules!

foam cups during happy hour, Save 'em and swipe some xtra lids from McHalve'ds drink counter...

they fit! don't forgat elwhe U pick up ur Breakfast Egg rolls!


I agree. It gets watered down before you get out of the parking lot.

I have made the move to Chick Fila or Zaxbys. I’ll pay more to have my drink actually stay fresh.


I agree. My ice melted in 15 min and my drink was hot even in an airconditioned car.

Guess I won't be buying McD ice tea or else bring in my own foam cup.

I have saved two and re use while traveling. May have to just buy a Yeti cup

to CA #1578444

Try the Ozark Trail cup from Wal-Mart. Out performs the Yeti and is about 1/4 the price.


The cups are terrible! I’m addicted to sweat tea, 2 a day, but I can not stand the cups.

The sweat... it ruins everything, documents, leaves rings on tables, the ice melts like I microwaved it.

My god please bring back the old cup. I started buying chick fila tea...

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