Republic, Missouri

I went into the McD's in Republic MO, I got what I always get on my way home from work. The Sausage McMuffin but this time there was an added item in the meat, when I bit down on my first *** I heard a loud crack.

I found myself in a lot of pain, but since I had to go to work that night I just went home. I called that night and talked with an assistant manager and she gave me the name of the manager, I talked to him the next morning and he was very nice. He took my information and turned it over to the insurance outfit CNA. The man I talk with from there first sends me a form saying I will be able to get my Tooth fixed, I emailed him to ask if that will work since I have 2 Teeth that was damaged.

He then sends me a letter telling me that my claim was Denied since I could not find the item that broke my teeth they will not pay for repair. I told him I will never eat at another McDonald's ever again and will let everyone know what type of outfit they are.

People need to boycott all McD's to show them they can not treat people like we are here just to buy their junk food. So if you have something like this happen to you they will not cover the damage, they don't care about you just your money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I ate the McChicken and cracked my tooth in half, going to oral surgeon to get it pulled...Thanks McDonald's I'm Loving it!!! And thanks for refusing the insurance claim saying there is no evidence.

Any one else in same boat, broken teeth from their food? Going to lawyer today....Remember how they scolded people with coffee 20 degrees too hot until people came forward to sue...don't let the big business bully win again.


If you couldn't find the item that broke your teeth, there wasn't anything there. This means that you had a couple bad teeth and that it was only a matter of time before they broke.

It also isn't McDonald's fault that there was allegedly something in the sausage that broke your teeth.

They don't process their own meat products and more than likely the meat patties come to the store already formed. Most restaurants get their meat patties already formed when they arrive.

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