1205 W Sylvania Ave, Toledo, OH 43612, USA
Not resolved

December 15th 2018 I went into your store on Sylvania Avenue and I witnessed bullying in the workplace, supervisors did nothing and that employees kept laughing at the young lady,from what I saw there was absolutely no professional behavior out of the employees nor the supervisor!! this is not acceptable I left without my order and money because i had to go back to work, and their employees were too busy laughing and constantly poke fun at the other employee who was almost in tears she was trying her hardest to hold her composure.

Now not only do I expect my order or my money to be replaced, but this is not the first time this is happened I come into the store constantly, and this is not the only employee I've seen Bulled and I'm frankly fed up with it!!! Not only do they bullying their coworkers they almost never get the orders right.

I called the store multiple times after the incident if they're not get any manager or employee to answer the phone. I am very adamant about getting a call back tomorrow because I will not stop messaging you until somebody address is it problem immediately!!

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