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Today I bought a white chocolate hot chocolate. Well after several hours of not finishing the small sized drink I proceeded to re-heat my hot chocolate like I would do with any other company cup from Dunkin Donut, Starbucks, you name it.

So I put it on 1 minute. After removing the cup it was so hot while trying to put it on the counter the hot chocolate splashed out the lid and spilled on my hand! I then realized that in small writing, smaller that any other writing on the cup that it said, do not microwave. I then realized there is some sort of device at the bottom of the cup of something and this is why it got hot so fast.

They should really make that wording as big as the caution HOT sign. I am pissed!

Reason of review: Design of Cup.

Preferred solution: Make the wording bigger.

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Anderson, South Carolina, United States #952228

Shame on McDonald's for not having indestructible cups. Totally unacceptable......the nerve of those guys.

Next they will tell us that their spoons and forks aren't covered by a lifetime warranty.

How dare they treat us like this! Somebody in the White House should investigate this matter Asap.


This is ridiculous. It's not their fault you failed to read safety instructions.

Everyone knows you're not supposed to put those cups in a microwave. If you do, you definitely don't set the timer for one minute.

Of course it's going to burn you! It is not their fault you don't have common sense.

Orange, California, United States #934260

You are pissed because you neglected to read the safety instruction, not their fault, since you do not know how to read have mommy read the instructions for you. Not their fault you missed the small writing. Let your burned hand be lesson learned.

North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada #933120

Are you really that ***? Everyone knows you're not suppose to microwave those cups.

It's not their fault you burned yourself. Maybe you should be more careful next time.

to Jade Orange, California, United States #934261

She should only be using the mircowave under adult supervision.

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