Scottsbluff, Nebraska

I ate at McDonald's and got a number 4, with no cheese, onions, or pickles as I am allergic to cheese, a large sprite and a large fry: $5.33. I pay and go to the 2nd window and get my food.

I stop before leaving the parking lot to check the burgers, on the receipt it says: NO CHEESE NO PICKLES NO ONIONS, so I assume the cook is smart enough to read my order and follow it, considering I did PAY HIM TO DO JUST THAT!!!

When I get home a few minutes later lo and behold my burgers have cheese on them and I can't just peel it off because I have allergies and would rather not spend the rest of my night hugging the porcelain throne. I hope subway enjoys my money!

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Absolutely. I work in a part of town that has been run by and commissioned over by blacks, yet the Hispanic population has taken over in the last 10 years.

The McDonalds built not even 4 years ago, has illegals working at it, and they speak no English at all. They pick the "best English speaking" one to run the drive thru window, and its ridiculous how guttural and uneducated their vomit-like language is. Having to pay so little and hire locally has destroyed this location.

Last week I was at a WalMArt and they were speaking that bastardization of the "Spanish" language called "Mexican" over the intercom. So much for the U.S.A.


Its the *** spics, Mexicans, wetbacks, and beaners that can't speak or read English. Try a nice white establishment owned and run by clean, trusting, English speaking whites like Jimmy Johns or Chic-fil- a.

Both those companies have it written in their policy not to hire any Mexicans, darkies or any brown colored "thing" that wants a job. :grin