New Orleans, Louisiana

McDonalds 2045 Florida st Mandeville La,I manage a large storage bissness a few blocks away, this is the WORST Restaurent ever...#1 NEVER gets your order right. #2 Never has lemons for tea.#3 customer service, well you have NONE.#4 when you ask to speak to a manager their very bizzy.

i was in the restaurent bissness for over 30 years and CUSTOMER SERVICE is a MUST......i just ordered for the last time sweet tea with lemon. i got unsweet with no lemon. NO LEMONS THIS WEEK! WHO DOES THE ORDERING!

also a hamberger dressed with no guessed it. a CHEESE berger with nothing on it.and i know i'm not alone customers of mine say they never go to this location because it so bad.

also i called 5 times from 1:45pm to 4:35 GUESS WHAT NO ANSWER. THANKS Charlotte Kearney

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salam arze adab va ehteram daram.harfe delam ine ke man to tamam e anomajn haye adabi dar iran ke miram(masalan anomajn adabie nima dar univ e azade karaj hamishe baraye radiotoon tabligh mikonam hata baratoon 2;3ta sher ham goftam amma hich koja baram emkane ersal nazashtid BABA NAMARDA LA AGHAL BEKHONID DELETE KONID delam az dastetoon pore va in mozde 1 sarbaze vafa dar nist (javabam ro be farsi bedid mamnoon dosetoon daram))mehran


Managers have better things to do than argue with people who haven't passed their 2nd grade spelling and grammar classes.