Bronx, New York

I was parked at a McDonalds parking lot when I stepped out for two minutes across the street. I came back and as I was placing the order in McDonalds, the towing company guy told the manager that 4 cars were towed.

I had to call the police and ended up paying 200+ for my car. The police told me to file a complaint against McDonalds and the towing company, this was so unfair.

However, something is for sure, that McDonalds is going to loose more money from my packet than the 200+ I spend getting my car back, because I will never go there again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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Mc Donalds at westchester ave in the bronx have lost my business for letting a towing company violate their paying customers like that, Im my putting my story up on the military website and facebook,and I got something for that fat burger eating Tow truck driver an his truck, we will see how far $136 will take you slobbbbbb!!!!


There are spies out there at McDonalds in the Bronx location near Fordham Road that are waiting for people to park thier cars in McDonalds. I went to McDonald's and went across the street for 2 minutes with intentions to go to McDonald's.

Came back car was gone. $200.00 out of my pocket. These mother ***'s don't even give you a chance or warn you. The so call sign is very small that is posted, but anyway all they want to do is make money.

I hope all these bastards that do this kind of shameful work have there cars taken away, because they are for the most part *** and petty spies. There has to be something illigal about this.McDonal's is now a place I will never go again and all of my friends will be supportung me.

I hope McDonald's and the towing agencies go out of business. I am writing about the towing agencies that practice spy tactics.


they should not they already have to pay for all the signage to inform *** like you not to park there or you will be fined or towed. they tell you.thats all they have to do !

pick up your kid and come back ,if you cant afford for you and your kid go home and cook! SIMPLE!


You're an ***. There's no reason at all for you to park in a handicapped zone. Apart from you being a retard that is, is which case you shouldn't be driving either.

Let's face it, anyone who eats the *** they serve at slacdonalds deserves what they get.


OMGS I did something that's against the law, compensate my entitled butt!!!!!1111eleventy1

did I about get your reaction to why you were towed, yeah, I applaud the cops and towing company, good for them for doing their job.

maybe next time you'll remember that those are for the Handicapped regardless of how long.


Your a retard, Im disabled and its because of *** like u I cant get into a handicapped spot! Be thankful u have two good legs to walk, I dont.


They do make handicap zones for a reason. Why should the company pay the fine if you were too lazy to walk an extra 20 feet?


I admit I was parking in the handicapped zone but it was only for a few minutes. I was in a rush to get my food.

I had to pick up my child at school and had no time to park further. I can understand why my park was towed if I was sitting down and eating but all I was doing was getting food to eat and then going to pick up my daughter.

I think Mcdonalds should pay the towing charge. I still stand by what I say Mcdonalds will loose money from my packet.