Darien, Georgia
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Last week when I approached the drive-up cashier to pay for my order .. I was not given my exact change ..

the cashier asked me what was wrong and did I want my penny change .. I said yes I did want my change, she gave me a dirty look and gave me my penny .. I have always thought that even tho it was only a penny she had no right to ask me if I wanted my change .. I let it go ..

However today, again, at the drive up cashier .. this time with a different cashier .. I was shorted $1.00 in my change .. I had to wait until she returned to the window and asked me what was wrong, then she call her manager to have her drawer opened and she handed me my dollar ..

The manager did not seem to be overly concerned that this employee was giving incorrect change, they both were laughing .. at the pick up window I was given someone else's order and had to wait for my correct sandwich .. needless to say that until you provide better training of your employees this kind of thing will certainly continue to happen .. personally I will not be giving this McDonalds any more of my business ..

After all Burger King is next door .. I have been going to McDonalds here on Highway 251 since last May, when I moved to this area, and inside of 2 weeks had money issues, none previously ..

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

McDonalds Pros: No opinion.

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Well I guess you are perfect and don't make any mistakes ever. It is nice knowing you are so perfect. Holding up a line to wait for one penny, that is just ridiculous and pathetic.


Mcdonalds makes a mistake on my order every time i go there. Then im given dirty looks when i say something about it.

I allways want my change back. I worked for it.


I find pennies on the street every week. I am sure like you the people who lost those pennies are crying somewhere because they lost their hard earned money.

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