Somerset, Kentucky
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I was charged $0.10 for one cream in my medium coffee at Mc Donalds in London,Kentucky @ Hwy 192 and Hwy 25. This is outrageous.

Isn't cream included anymore. What's next charging for napkins and straws? Next time I order coffee I guess I need to provide my own cream. Shouldn't this cost be built into the price of a cup of coffee?

Isn't this part of doing fast food business? Why not charge for ice and cups?

What more can I say? If Mc Donalds starts this I'm sure all fast food restaurants will start to follow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Coffee.

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First Born Triplet

THEY ARE charging for cream which is supposed to be for free you should have said to them at that time, are you *** kidding me.