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i had a "promo" coupon for one "free" mcgriddle with the purchase of another mcgriddle. turns out it wasnt free at all.

the cashier charged me separately for the mcgriddle, the drink, and the hash brown so my total came to be $4.79 instead of $3.99 for a meal. i basically paid an extra $.80 for a free mcgriddle. i am writing a letter to corporate. calling corporate and posting this information where ever i can find.

mcgriddles are my favorite mcdonalds menu item. and the ONLY item i get outside of fries, but because of this "promo" i am no longer eating there again. also, i paid an extra $1 for your fundraiser, but now i am questioning the validity of that. i was already upset they started charging $.20 for a cheap *** sauce packet, but now i am through.

they have forever lost a customer. one down, 4 billion to go.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Coupon.

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The question was :do you think the owners get free sauce?" The answer is no. Every item of food , every package of napkins, straws, etc is bought from the supplier.

The average electric bill at a McDonalds is $6,000 per month.

By the time employees are paid, utilities, insurance,equipment repair, etc the owner amkes an average salary like anyone else. Go to the grocery store & buy food, pay electricity to prepare it, clean up and see if $1 burger is "jacked up." Then add extra sauce.


ok, you people are as *** as mcdonalds employees. doesnt surprise me since you eat there so often. if i order fries and want sweet and sour sauce i AM charged. so i am not lying, just your reading comprehension is not up to par. if your mcdonalds are more lenient, then you're lucky. but i get charged if i dont have chicken nuggets.

mcdonalds employee, i got NOTHING free. i got charged $.80. i tried to spell this out as clear for you all as i could. education system failed. i did as the coupon said, mcdonalds tried to get over on me. then sent me about 4 free coupons, so i guess it is a lost to them and they want me back. im sure they will send more coupons when i send my letter to corporate

it has nothing to do with being cheap. its the principle. if they say free. that *** means free. if you all want to eat that fake food then go ahead. i dont eat at mcdonalds often (and not at all now) but when i do, i dont expect to be cheated out of $.80 and they expect no one to complain about it

"do you think the owners get free sauce" this is hilarious. this is a joke right? no one on this world is that *** right?

i believe the name of the site is pissedconsumer. if you have a problem with what i say, at least let me think "maybe i was wrong" you all have failed so far. go to happyconsumer.com


Customers like you suck.

The coupon is buy one sandwich get the second one free.

So the point is to BUY the sandwich!

If you are buying the meal.. It's already discounted.

So it has to be done seperatly or the coupon really has no point.

Just stop being cheap and do as the coupon says if you want to use it so bad.

Oh and the whole sauce thing... Dude your really *** about 20 cents

Sauces aren't free you know?! Do you think the owners get free sauce?

Your lucky you get some free!

If you can't afford to pay what little you do at McDonald's then MAYBE you should stop being lazy and cook.


Also you are purposely misleading us by lying. They don't charge 20 cents for a package of sauce.

They charge it if you want extra because picky greedy pigs like you take more than you are entitled to. "Icallthemout" and "Cnfsdstdnt" get jobs so you can afford to pay 20 cents for the extras you need. These sauces do not grow on trees. Frankly if you are this cheap they wont miss you.

Seriously if you cannot afford the 20 cents than you don't need extras. Why not go to Walmart, Kmart or a grocery store and buy a bottle.

it will come out a lot cheaper. You complain about 80 cents you are cheap.


"i am no longer eating there again|"

No loss to them.


thank you ncoclub. the tax in my state is 9%.

i know that $.80 wasnt tax because i was charged for tax separately.

so unless they're charging 20% tax, i have $.80 unaccounted for. i asked the manager to explain it to me and she said the items have to be rung up separately and understood that i paid $.80 for something that was supposed to be free.


The cupon does say on the back you are responsible to pay the tax but since i dont know the tax in your state i cant tell if you got ripped off or not?


"duh" i think you confused my meaning of the word cheap. if its cheap, i shouldnt have to pay for it.

its worth $.02, thats cheap. i pay $.20, thats ridiculous


I agree. The McDonald's by my house has a sign in the window telling you how many ketchup packs you get based on how many chicken mcnuggets you order.

How tacky! I think its ridiculous to pay more for sauce, when you already jack up the prices on food, that to be honest, isn't that great. I eat there for convenience, and budget reasons.

But its almost becoming cheaper to just go to a sit down restaurant. At least the food isn't shiny with grease.


If a .20 sauce packet is cheap - then why do you have such a problem paying for it?