Hartsville, Tennessee

I'm annoyed that there is not the consistency from one location to another. Most locations do not charge for the dipping sauces. Hartsville, TN & Canton, TX does.

Thats ***. Give catsup, salt, pepper, straws, napkins, and such away and charge for sauces? Come on.......

I like a sauce on my chicken sandwich or beef burger.

At least be consistent at the different locations. When I complained in Hartsville, they said that they could make their own policies. I answered back that I thought that was the whole idea of a franchise, that they were consistent in quality, food, and policies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

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I disagree with most commenters, if you went to any 'normal' restaurant you wouldn't be charged for sauces, it's part of eating at a restaurant. The grocery store comparison is absurd.


Don't you just love it when people like the OP complain about simple things like having to pay a few cents for sauce when there are people starving in the world. Kind of makes his or per problem seem mild. Sauce king, if you ever invite me for dinner wash your hands before cooking and serving please and thank you.


The idea of a franchise is that the franchise owner/operator follows all of the rules for TYPE of food and the food consistency, and they pay a large percentage of their profit to the company. Then they pay for all of the food & condiments, napkins, straws, etc.

and their huge eletric bill, water bill, payroll, etc and then when they're all done working their *** off - maybe take home a couple of bucks. Yep ask for free food anywhere else, like the grocery store.


If they charge you

That's fine so when you ask for a Receipt they get Pissed off and burn you one and then you are Charged a Sales tax. What the *** who gets the money at the end of the day the Restaurant or the employee.k :(


You also have to take into consideration some locations are corporate stores *** done are owned by individuals.....owners can make certain policies at their own discretion....also if you went to the grocery store they aren't going to just give you a bottle of ketchup because you like to eat it on your burgers and fries you are buying.


Every fast foo place where I live, no matter what company it is charges for sauces, unless it goes with the food ordered. If a person orders a salad and wants an extra dressing they used to charge fifty cents, for each extra dressing wanted, the same if a customer wanted ranch to dip their fries in, instead of filling those little cups with catsup at the condiment counter.

it might be more now. That is just the way it is.