Edmond, Oklahoma
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Santiago McDonalds

Oklahoma City

2101 N.W. 23rd St.


This McDonalds mischarged my credit card with another customer's order. Upon noticing the mistake, I requested a refund to be issued to my card and told them that I no longer wanted my food. They took my credit card and decided to rerun it for the correct amount and gave me cash back for the incorrect amount. At no point did they tell me they reran my credit card for the correct order nor did they give me a receipt for the second transaction (the correct order). Three days later I noticed on my account that I had two charges from this McDonalds on my account.

I immediately called the store manager to notify them of their mistake and began getting accuse of stealing food from the store window. I was then told I needed to come into the store to watch a video of the drive-thru from my visit. When I told the store manager I was a young professional and it wasn't me who stole the food, she continued to make accusations towards me. She then proceed to tell me this establishment is open 24 hours for people like me – what exactly the meaning of "people like me" is still baffles me. Many things represent me such as ***, young professional, or people that enjoy a late night snack, but regardless her comment was directed as hate comment.

After speaking with the store manager and feeling uneasy about how this issue was handled I contacted the McDonald's corporate complaint hotline which directed me to the franchise owner's office. There to my surprise, I was treated just as worse. The person in charge of my complaint took down my information and still was trying to claim I was the "one" who took food from them 4 evenings before. He took down my personal and credit card information and said they would research it and refund my card for the additional incorrect charges. The following day he contacted me tell me that they had no record of my transactions at their store. I faxed them my bank statement showing the two transactions along with their store number indicated on the statement. When I asked the timeline I could expect to finalize this issue (now going on for 5 days), the gentleman rudely stated he could not give me a time frame. I told the gentlemen that I would like it resolved by the end of the business day because at this point it was using up my personal and business resources. His response to my request was that he now understands why his store made the comment they did. I asked him what he meant about the comment and he would not give me a direct answer. He called back later that day and said that I would just need to dispute the charge with my bank.

The outcome of the situation is that the franchise company will not refund me my money and the only service they have provided me is poor customer service. At this point, I have been discriminated against as a young *** professional by not only once saying people like me, but twice- once at the store level and again at their franchise level.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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She asked for her money back because THEY made a mistake and the customer has all the right to do that. Customer did nothing wrong, end of story.


Asking for your money back because they made a mistake on your card is also not professional. The food was already made.

And from your post, it sounds like the order went out the window to someone. The owner watched the video and made a determination that it was you.


So what, if they do not want the food after it is made, then they do have a right to a refund at any given time.I would not want to order from a establishment that just charged my card with someone elses order either.


I hate to tell you this, but you don't sound much like a young professional. You might be young, but not professional.

Professionals know how to use proper grammar, and you don't. That will also show up when you speak to people, not just in your writing.


If you knew anything about proper grammar, you would know that "don't" is "do not"when it comes to professionalism. But what can you expect from a Mc Donalds burger flipper?