Detroit, Michigan

I was over charged for $0.50 for a cheese that I didn't order in my breakfast sandwich. I later on found out they were charging my cup of water for pills and they used cheese to bill their customer.

(I was told by friend this airport McDonald's had been cheating their customer for few years now). The cashier said loudly in front of the long line of people "it's only 50 cents"! trying to embarrass me. That was not the point, point was; she should have told me water cost extra money when I order my breakfast.

I told her I never have to pay for water when I order my meal in any restaurant and told her I do not want the water and would like to have my "Cheese" refunded. My observation was she must be related with the manager, I think she's rude, impolite, unpleasant and non-respectful to customer.Plus, both of them never admitted they were wrong and or say any SORRY.I do want McDonald's Corporation to respond to me, is it true you are charging customer for water now? Taking advantage of traveling customer in a busy airport is just your new corporate culture now especially to us senior customers?

I feel like cheated by your manager and this young lady, more importantly by McDonald's Corporation! I am not disputing the money, but the respect or embarrassment which were priceless!

Monetary Loss: $7.

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I thought this was a joke at first, but you're actually being serious? What a cheap ***.

Want to save some cheddar?

Don't eat at McDs. It will save you $6+ a day and many $Ks in medical bills.


You act as though a mistake, like the cashier pushed the cheese button, was some conspiracy to cheat you out of your fortune. And yes, a restaurant does essentially charge for water in their prices, as they should.

The water costs money, the cup, the ice, the lid, etc.

probably more than $.50 and that doesn't take into account those who ask for a water cup & then steal pop. They should have told you, but it has been common practice for years.


You unfortunately need to know that this is customer service "today." We don't have real customer service except when we shop at places like Costco or purchase from Amazon. Those companies are the only companies that I experience real service with.

Also, when it comes to hotels and food service companies....they frequently are just franchises and they make their own rules. )o:. I was kicked out of a Courtyards by Marriott last year because I simply asked for clean sheets on the bed. I had just arrived to my room and the bed had recent blood stains on it along with pubic hair.

I politely asked. Then they brought me half a set to change the sheets myself. I called and asked for the top sheet. I then got a call from the hotel's Customers.

Svc. And was told that since I was dissatisfied with my sheets that I had to check out the next morning. I got kicked out for asking the hotel for clean sheets! It was then I was told that it was a franchise and they didn't follow normal Marriott ways even though they use the Marriott name.

How unfortunate these things are for us as the consumer. )o:

@#1***ed off

Wow, thanks for the tip about Marriott Hotels. I had no idea they were nasty like that.

I will be sure to stay elsewhere when I travel. Or else, bring my own maid and bed linens.