San Diego, California

To be honest, I don't really consider myself "pissed" as it happened so long ago, though I do feel the need to share after discovering this site. I went to McDonald's with a friend a year or two ago, ordered two cheeseburgers.

I opened it up to put ketchup on, and sitting there smiling right back at me was a fat booger. The best bit about it was it had a little nose-hair for added emphasis (like McDonald's version of a garnish). I showed it to my friend and she confirmed that it was indeed a nose nugget. We brought it to the front and the cashier goes "OH no, that's just the Angus.

Sometimes the skin gets in the meat and...(Angus skin doesn't actually sound that much better now that I think about it)". She then promptly pulled a guy behind the frier and berated him in spanish. She offered to replace it but my appetite was thoroughly shot at that point.

I highly doubt anyone goes to McDonald for quality anymore, but just a thought.. double check your bun before eating.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Cashier.

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Man boogers are the best part of the burger... consider it extra cheese hahaha


how do you know its fake u *** this could be a real person with a real legitimate complaint. think before u judge


This is completely BOGUS!!! This website is for real consumers with real legitimate complaints.

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