Bronx, New York

I had a very nasty experience at my neighborhood Mcdonalds. First of all, I am black.

Not African-American like what the rest of the pc black community. I went to order my food when a bunch of my "brothers" acting like fools which is tnb.

They were chimping out over a big Mac not being big and chimping over food stamps. There were she boon wigs being ripped off, poo was thrown and one guy starting rapping and doing a shuck and jive while saying, "yo iz son gib me a dolla." Ronald McDonald came in and was beaten to a pulp for not giving out free nuggets and they considered that to be "raysis."I'm sick and tired of all these chimping monkeys ruining my food experience.

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I think that this whole bizarre review and all of the bizarre comments should be removed from this site for being very inappropriate.


Where is Tommy Sotomayor when you need him?


Blacks literally ruin 75% of my McD’s experiences by mumbling loudly, speaking in gibberish, and demanding money. Chimping out.

Tnb. Typical Nig Behavior.


You are right "IHateStupidCustomers". It is the same person.

He or She is a very sad person that we are continuing to pray for due to his/her ignorance. It doesn't matter if the poster is white or black. He/She is just ignorant to the point of a crime. I just hope that this person doesn't work with or work around people of color.

I certainly hope he/she doesn't serve anyone of color. I pray that he is touched by the spirit of kindness and that the Lord relieve him of this heavy burden of pain that this person seems to carry. I pray for a healing for his/her injuries and pray for his/her emotional state.

I pray for mercy for this individual. I pray for relief for this hate that is carried for anyone.


I'm starting to think these racist posts are the same person, including the comment.


I too am black. I'm sick of tnb at McDonald's. One time I witnessed a McDonald's worker beaten to death because the worker asked the customer to not cook chitlins in the restaurant because it stank.