I was floored when I was charged $0.30 for mayo on my burger! (it showed as chicken sauce on my bill) I called head office and they said independent franchises can charge what they want.

Its a condiment not anything special. Are they going to start charging for ketchup and mustard too - or - What if I wanted extra cream in my coffee are they going to start charging for that too.

greedy idiots. (i'm just adding extra words here because this site makes you type at least 100 words to post...I would suggest changing this option for those people who can get their message across with less)

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Burger.

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If you want extra PAY FOR IT. If you cannot afford to then don't get anything extra.

You are the greedy idiot. You want as much as you want for free.


Seriously... Mcds have the cheapest hamburgers of them all but they are now at the cost of a higher quality burger like A&W because of the extra.

It is so stupid. "Oh thank you for tipping me 50 cents customer I will now be able to afford mayonnaise on my next burger" AFAIK they don't reimburse me for the pickles I don't want.


I got a fish sandwich and told them I wanted mayo instead of tartar sauce on it and I got charged 18 cents! I mean, mayonnaise is not more expensive than tartar sauce so why am I having to pay more?

I rarely ever go to McDonald's because it's just not good for you, but will not be back. That's just ridiculous.


It is 18 cents. If that breaks your budget do not get the mayo.


Simple solution. Don't spend your money at McDonalds.

As far as fast food goes they are the bottom of the bucket anyway. There are much better fast food joints to spend your money at that will not charge you extra for mayo. Hit them in their wallet.

That is the one thing you can do that works the best! Make sure you tell all your friends to do the same.


I completely agree with you. So Funny Mann explain why when I order a chicken sandwich with no lettuce and extra mayonaise, they still add the $0.30. I'm taking something off, so why charge extra for mayo?


If you cannot afford to pay extra, do not get extra.


:cry :cry A quarter and nickel extra!! The humanity!!

Why you could have spent that thirty cents on a new BMW, a mansion in Beverly Hills, and a vacation home in the Europe.

Why you are now so broke from losing that thirty cents you can't even afford food, water, and a home to cover your head. I guess you are going to have to build you a box to live in and get used to begging on the streets,

@Oh noes

You're such a tool ! It's the principal of being gouged weather it's for .30 or 300.00 it's the same act. Go heat some pizza pockets and hang out in your moms basement


Crazy but owell... next they will charge you to use the restrooms... :zzz


This is really irritating. I was charged 30 cents extra for a glob of mayo on my southern chicken sandwich.

I noticed the young man did NOT give me my PENNY back when I gave him $5.30 for a $5.29 bill.


Should not have ordered extra mayo if you cannot afford it.

Funny Mann

It's BS like this that companies are getting away with. People are use to fees now so every company can start charging what ever they want and people (drones) will pay it because we are use to this now.

When will it end? I have not seen a 3D movie because of that *** fee.


Where I live all the fast food places charge if a person want an item that normally doesn't go with the order. Example, if a person orders a salad and wants an extra dressing, that is fifty cents.

If they want a ranch dressing to dip their fries in, instead of putting ketchup in those little condiment cups, they get charged fifty cents for that. Yes, I wouldn't be surprised if you wanted extra cream in your coffee, that you would be charged extra.

That would be the same as extra dressing for your salad. If you want mayo on a sandwich that normally doesn't have it, that would be an extra charge.


I am an owner/operator of a McDonalds franchise and the funny thing is the food distribution center charges us for ALL of the food and condiments and napkins and EVERYTHING that comes into our restaurant. And the city charges us for water, and electricity, to take our garbage.

I wonder why we can't have it all for free. They are so greedy.

People (us drones) keep paying these bills. Hmmm....

Funny Mann

What you are talking about are bills NOT FEES! Not very bright for a fast food owner are you.

The drones get stuck with fees. Let's add a fee to go inside and eat. Call it the atmosphere fee.

Then a fee for drive through call it window open fee. You guys can't run the places so to make money you charge fees.


Nancy, the point you are missing is the $.30 is EXCESSIVE for just a smear of mayonnaise. Maybe $.10 might be more appropriate? I'm pretty sure the city doesn't overcharge you for electricity or water or you would be accusing them of price gouging.


If 30 cents is excessive, then do without the mayonnaise. If you cannot afford it do without.


I wonder how good your franchise is doing? Really a paste of mayo - have things gotten that tough in the food industry?

I did it for 20 some years, I know customers have weird tastes and after a while you feel like you're being taken advantage of. You're not. Your mentality will eventually be your downfall, of course you have to pay for utilities, and rent and staff, and food - nothing's free - but it's made up in your regular scale pricing.

Your customer service skills by the way are the reason I don't even frequent a McDonalds anymore - ever. You epitomize what's wrong there.


How is someone's customer skills poor, when they charge you for extras. Just because you do not get it for free, does not mean their skills are poor. Get a job so you can afford to pay for the mayo.