Orlando, Florida

beware of tfthe horrible ucf mcdonalds….this mcdonalds is full of weird sick immature rude disgusting college b*tches that work there…it is the MOST UNPROFESSIONAL mcdonalds in the country NO KIDDING!!! I have been to many mcdonalds everywhere and NOTHING is as bad as the piece of *** UCF mcdonalds…the women that work there..are psychos mean rude crazy evil and obnoxious.

Also…if you go there..be sure to say hi to the rude n*gger female clown that works there…she is ugly as ***, looks like a warped version of a gorilla (sorry gorillas..i am SO SORRY to compare that ugly nasty TROLL to you)!! And this ugly n*gger is a VIOLENT SOCIOPATH who THROWS things at customers. Oh yes…this violent n*gger sociopath (sorry nothing against black people im calling this ugly racist *** a n*gger because SHE IS A N*GGER AND SHE IS RACIST TOWARDS OTHER MINORITIES I like and hate people of all colors equally..i just hate bad or mean people or bullies..)…and is VIOLENT TOWARDS WOMEN in the drive thru. So this n*gger sociopath wh*re THROWS things at customers in the drive thru.

Oh YES….she THROWS credit cards, and anything her ugly smelly hands can get on. This ugly circus clown *** then laughs about it..while her ugly hideous fat female co-workers, who are all ugly hippos from *** support this n*gger troll, and they ABUSE the person she throws things at. Oh yeah I really recommend you go to the circus infested nightmare of the UCF mcdonalds, where you’ll be ASSAULTED by gorilla b*tches that work there..angry violent b*tches who throw things at customers. Oh and be sure to say hi to CHRIS…chris is an ugly incompetent retared 12 year old manager.

Chris is a dumb as a rock pile of *** who basically….if you call him and tell him that his employee threw something at you, chris will LIE and LIE and psychopathic chris the retarded white cracker from *** DEFENDS HIS RACIST VIOLENT EMPLOYEES WHO THROW THINGS AT CUSTOMERS!! Yaayyy!! So if a violent n*gger employee throws something at a customer, it will get all the support from the fat ugly hippos that work at that mcdonalds, and chris the racist ugly white n*gger will defend the violent employee. Chris is a psychopath of some sorts.

This is the “MANAGER” lol right….chris defended the violent employee and the racist employee lied and said the VICTIM OF HER ATTACK was racist…which was a lie. The victim did nothing but drive thru and hand a credit card…and this evil clown gorilla that works at mcdonalds threw the credit card at the girl. Chris then lied and accused the customer of being racist, being the attacker said she’s racist. So HUH?

Let’s get this straight…the gorilla *** threw something at the normal nice customer for no reason, then accused the MINORITY female of being racist after she THREW something at her. The looney mcdonalds managesr did nothing and chris the idiotic retard DEFENDED the violent mcdonalds employee and accused the customer of being racist. Oh YEAH that’s customer service for you…so be sure to drive thru the UCF mcdonalds and spit on all the rejected pathetic losers that work there who find it fun to bully and throw things at customers….tehse are all retarded inferior low quality human ***….no partciular race…the white b*tches ther are rude, the OBESE and FUGLY SPlC b*tches ther are rude and there is a really FAT dumb hispanic female manager who also seems like she’s 15….all the managers there are close to 16 and are dumb as *** and defend violent and racist employees. They look like cows (again sorry cows!!!

Youre 1000 times cuter!!) and are RUDE mean immature evil and ***. There is a hideougly ugly black gorilla female that works there who throw s things at customers and her psychopathic employees and managers all defend this dumba as a rock gorilla that works there….again my apologies to gorillas…to compare that ugly troll to you…but she DOES resemble a gorilla and is fugly with two heaving nostrils that flare after this ugly gorilla *** attacks customers with items. So be sure to visit the UCF mcdonalds…the circus of *** where only the most immature dumba** retarded idiots work….the gorilla that works at the drive thru may throw something at you then accuse you of being a racist because this ugly fat wh*re just got out of jail….and belongs in a corner somewhere slopping up fecal matter…also she’ll get away with it while chris the imbecilic *** manager will praise the violent gorilla retard and insult and accuse the attacked customer….go visit the circus of *** the UCF mcdonalds… clowns idiots and rejects everywhere there…!! It is the WORST mcdonalds in the country EVER!!

Oh there is also a really ugly night female manager..who is white…she looks like a hippo *** a really ugly hippo…she is obese dumb as a rock (as everyone is there)!! And is REALLY RUDE too!! She has NO customer service skills, drools and is *** retarded but for some reason CHRIS the crazy dumb manager hires only the DUMBEST craziest people to work there and runs the place like a circus. Chris is an incompetent lunatic, and the owner needs to know about how *** his mcdonalds is and the kind of low lifes that are hired there by dumb as a rock chris who is bordering 16 years old….just some advice for the owner..dont hire incompetent idiots and CHILDREN like CHRIS the lunatic and *** to manage your restaurant…who only hire PSYCHOPATHS..seriously…you have the WORST mcdonalds to exist…DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT before you get a lawsuit one day which you deserve much worse!!

this horrible place is located on alafaya trail in front of UCF. amidst all the construction going on and getting rid of all the GOOD businesses there..they decided to keep this rat infested craphole of a mcdonalds still filled with psycho crazy employees...

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Don't want to meet this one in a dark alley! Yikes!


Not funny...Awkward.... :roll


Shame on you, you uneducated ***. How dare you talk about anybody they way you were talking about these employees?

If you were such a nice, normal customer, you wouldn't be talking the way you are.

Your lack of proper capitalization, punctuation, and grammar tells us you are uneducated. Your repetitive ranting indicates you need some serious psychiatric sessions.