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Put two orange juice cups on top of each other in a plastic bag, which was bigger than the cups and caused them to spill

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One time when I was hitch-hiking in Oklahoma, this real nice gentleman picked me up and he stopped at McDonald's to get me something to eat for breakfast. I ordered a large orange juice and they charged him $4 for it.

As he were walking out the door he exclaimed "MOTHER FLOCKERS!!!!!" real loud just as an elderly couple were walking inside, and they looked shocked. As we were driving away he was incredulous saying that you could buy a whole gallon of orange juice at the Grocery store for $4. I agreed with him that it was a gyp, but the orange juice was very delicious and it was alot better than the other stuff that I had gotten for my breakfast there.

I needed the vitamin C in the O.J. to help keep up my strength out there on the road.