Chicago, Illinois

You have the best tasteing coffee in the world and I am proud to say i'm glad there is a McDonalds so near when I need them ....

Thank You Mcdonalds you are the best at all you try so hard to please eery one and we do not deserve it half the time .God Bless all the workers .

You spoil us and our kids and fair prices and toy land ,

clean restrooms and always cleaning up our messes with a I could go on...tyfor trying so hard to please us.your the best.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Coffee.

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the mcd's around eat tenn are so great, always clean and great iced hazenut coffee. never got an order wrong :D good job you guys.

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #171167

"You spoil us and our kids" Yeah, they sure do. They spoil your kids health with chemicals, sugar and factory farmed meat. Way to go, mom!


What McDonald's did you visit? I want some of that coffee!

If you are going to compliment a place, please be more specific.

We might want to give them our business! :)


What are they putting in that coffee you are drinking? About 80% of the time (and I am being fair here) the workers at McD's aren't friendly, they get the orders wrong and their prices aren't exactly what I would call "fair". But keep on drinking the koolaid...err "coffee".

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