Phoenix, Arizona

Last night I ordered a 20 piece nuget 3 double cheese burgers and a fish filet.

The burgers and fish wear so cold the cheep cheesr didn't melt.

My nuggets wear cold and short 2.

When I called today the maneger was rude and refused to fix my ordee.

I had to go thrugh an ordeal to get the dictict managers number.

This sort of thing in the norm at Store number 40

94 at 3455 w peoria ave phoenix az. 85029.

Everytime I went there I've been treated badly and given bad food.

I'm done with Macdonalds forever. I will not eat it for free.

This is not how a custumer who spent on average $30 a week at your resreant.

Monetary Loss: $13.

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I used to be a manager at this location and to tell you the truth it does no justice to how it could be ran. It is a disgrace for a corporate store and has overt racism screaming from the rooftops. I love the company, but this location needs McDonalds internal affairs- SERIOUSLY!!!!!


Save the money and get an education! YOU NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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