Denton, Texas
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The Hickory Creek/Lake Dallas McDonalds is HORRIBLE! I just ordered two large fries the other night specifically hot only to wait 20 minutes to get cold soggy fries!

After arguing for 10 minutes with the MANAGER she finally agreed to give me the fries back hot. So I cane in a couple days later today and ordered my fries and 6 burgers for my family. I got home and found 2! So I went back to get the rest and one of the 14 year old *** got in my face and told me she counted only 3 missing!

I grabed the bag and left the store and I am never going back!

These people are underaged workers who are ran by a senseless woman! Order here if you want direspect and cold $6 fries.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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Columbia, Kentucky, United States #765717

Contact McDonald's corporate and give them the exact location of this franchisee. They need to know.

We all know that the people working at fast food places are generally inept and not the brightest bulb in the chandelier but most also have little, if any common sense when it comes to interpersonal relations---like talking normally with a customer. Most will remain working at a low skilled job for their entire life, all the while complaining how life is "unfair." It's called making mistakes early in life and then paying for them for the rest of your life.


Yeah, worst parent award goes to this nimrod that types up complaints about fast food fries in cold grease, rather than spend a few minutes cooking. Yay, brains and talent to pass on to the kids! Maybe your fat dumb shsiits will be serving your hot fries to ya, thaar ya go


Dear (not Fear)


Fear Anonymous: When you start paying this person's bills, particularly their food bill, maybe then you can dictate what they buy and eat. Until then, ***

to Me #765601

Pretty sure you can cook better, healthier food for cheaper than a *** mcdonalds dinner. It's common sense. I'll let you be the one with clogged arteries at age 31.


Stop feeding your kids McDonalds junk and start cooking fresh food for your family!

Problem solved.

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