Paris, Ile-De-France
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I went to Macdonald's in the surbub of Paris with my family. We ordered the food and were expecting 4 hot and yummy local sandwiches, and 4 diet cokes including in the meal.

The place was very crowded, we decide to take away our meal. When we opened the bag in a different place, we discovered that our drinks were missing inside. We had to buy bottles of water in a little shop next to us. It was not the only disappointment, the food was cold, sauce was missing in the sandwich , and the meat was burned.

As a conclusion, we would never come back in that place.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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Such a *** complaint. Why, in god's earth, would they put drinks in a *** BAG?

When have you EVER seen that happen? Also, you're in Paris and you go to McDonalds?

WTF? Surely if you can afford to go to Paris in the first place, you could afford a decent meal there???


Why would your drinks be in your bag? Isn't that common sense that you would think your cups get handed to you in a tray.... Next time stay home and cook your kids a meal.


I assume you are one of the children in the family since it did not occur to you to check your bag before leaving. Also if you are going to wait a while to eat your food of course it is going to get cold.

Now I am not going to even comment on the drink issue, perhaps in Paris you get drinks in cans? But if you don't and get it in plastic containers, how the *** would you not realize that you are missing the drinks before leaving.


You went to McDonald's and expected yummy food? So you are in Paris, world famous for fine cuisine and you choose McD's?


i'm sorry but how do you forget 4 drinks? I've never heard of ANY fast food restaurant here or abroad as you went to that puts driks in a bag.

how in the world would you have missed that anyways?

if all you ordered was 4 burgers and 4 drinks you should have had 2-3 bag since 4 burgers fit easily into 1 bag.

I think someone's just complaining for the sake of complaining and trying to get something free. but then again if you were trying to get something free you'd whine to McDonald's corporate and not a complaints board like this one.

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