East Setauket, New York

I was in the mcdonalds in dodge city,Alabama store # 30679. There was a young girl working the front counter alone she was working as hard as she could while others were seen standing there talking.

While waiting in line one of the ladies that was justtalking instead of working came up to the young girl and began yelling at her in front of customers until the young girl began to cry. I felt so sorry for the young girl she kept trying to just walk away then the other worker started in on her again only this time she was bringing more attention telling the crying young girl how *** she looks and she's got people staring. Come to find out the lady yelling at the young girl was a manager! That's completely unprofessional and not right to treat an employee that way especially in front of customers!

Is that the way all ur business r ran if so I will never return. As of now myself and anyone I know will not be back in that store as long as that lady is part of ur managemt team.

I ask another worker there for that managers name and it is Jessica Cantrell. Something should be done about the way those employees are treated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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This is the 4th post i have read where someone else is writing in to complain on someone else's behalf? OK - not to be an overly heartless SOB.....but really....what is this post supposed to accomplish?

Let me ask you the standard question......did you contact MacDonalds Corp HQs about this......i doubt it.....so what in god's green earth do you expect out of thios post? Thank you for caring...but that is about all you have accomplished.....take a stand and get involved if you feel that strongly.......otherwise Anonymous has it about right.......


You should keep you nose out of it.


Wow Sioux Falls, South Dakota I see your devils advocate comments all over this site. What is it?

Do you have nothing else better to do in life than to comment as the AS$hole all the time. Get a life and take your *** back in that cave you ugly Sleestak.