Birmingham, Alabama

I was at your store inside the Walmart on Hwy. 150, Hoover, Al yesterday, April 14th, 2010.The employee (black girl) took my order of 1 ice cream cone.

The employee in the preparation food area (white girl)pulled her gloves off and handed the girl that waited on me, the phone. This girl handed it to another girl (black employee), then pulled the cone out of the dispenser, put ice cream in it and tried to hand it to me. I told her I would not accept it because she did all this (I told her what she did)and never washed her hands. None of these employees had on gloves at this time.

The other employee(white girl, who had pulled her gloves off))over heard the conversation,washed her hands and fixed the ice cream cone again for me. Meanwhile, the first employee was washing her hands. This is not acceptable, very unhealty and unsanitary. I thought your employees were required to wear gloves at all times when preparing food.

Am I wrong? It was disgusting.

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gloves are required only when preparing food that is ready to eat, if it is to be cooked then gloves are not required. if switching from making cooked food to ready to eat food gloves must be used. it is assumed that cooking the food will kill any bacteria aquired during the handling.

Devon B

I have NEVER seen anyone at a McDonald's wearing gloves, in 36 years of going there. Vinyl, plastic and rubber gloves can melt, causing injury to the employee, if splashed by hot oil or meat juices, etc. If you're so afraid of human hands touching your food, stay home.


Gloves are as sanitary if not more sanitary than hand washing but both those techniques are only as sanitary as the person using them. Yes Gloves should be “changed EVERYTIME between preparing different food orders and between food preparation and other activies!” and that’s standard procedure for every establishment I’ve worked for that uses gloves but like hand washing the employee has to reliably follow procedure or either is unsanitary


Seriously, I am most concerned with the constant mention of the race of the employee, as if that has anything to do with it. If the employees had been white, would you have noted it?

Or would it have been OK with you, since they were white, not to have washed their hands?

Agree with the poster above, who thinks that you might find better uses for your time.


Gloves are disgusting... :x

Think about it... they put on gloves, they touch objects, themselves, surfaces... then the food!!!

A glove picks up germs and other nasty things and then transfers it to food! And gloves are not changed between preparing food and doing other activites, like money handling or answering the phone, for example...

A hand can be washed between activies but gloves can't! if gloves were to be used properly, they would have to be changed EVERYTIME between preparing different food orders and between food preparation and other activies!

I've worked in the food prep industry for many years. Washing hands is best.

The more high-class the establishment, the more they touch your food!!!

If you want, you can ask to see an employee wash their hands before they prepare your food. Or else, don't eat out. Prepare your own food. :upset :zzz :zzz :upset :upset


You got what you wanted why are you complaining. I get it you have no friends but your computer and were bored and found this site.

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