Hermitage, Pennsylvania
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I live in Winnie Texas after sitting in line at the drive threw for 20 minits the worker in sted of comming to the window waved me to come inside. Why is this restrant even open?

They never get your order right, it's never cleen, and they never have anyone working. Where was the manager and why were they not working?

I think McD's need to look into this and find soneone that can run this. I cannot understand why you would let a place like this stay open it has been like this for over ten years

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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I can't understand if you are so unhappy with the service, why you go back. Rumpelstiltskin, not rumplestillskin


you live in Texas, yet your location is Pennsylvania. learn how to spell.


20 minutes? yeah right, nobody is that stuuupid. Or maybe you are?


You were at the drive thru. I am wondering was the car stolen, because clearly you did not pass your driving test.

The driving test is for 16 and over, but to pass it one must at least have fourth grade reading skills.

Also if you communicate verbally the same way you communicate in writing it is your fault for getting the order wrong not theirs. They probably did not understand the language that you call "English." Instead of worrying about how the restaurant is run, why not worry about your education because even with your qualifications you are not qualified to work at Mcdonalds.