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My daughter has gotten sick from eating the food at McDonald at Alpine and Harrison in Rockford IL ... she has been throwing up all night .. we had to go get her from school... they call and said she was to sick from eating your food from their to stay at school... and this is the second time it has happen at that McDonald to her

we plan on taking her to the E.R. at the hospital this morning

if you want to contact us my email is ep.westown@gmail.com My Name is Earnest Pearson ... my phone is 773-580-8769... he name is Emuni Pearson 13 years old and love Mcdonald food that why this has happen a second time at that McDonald ... she goes their every morning before and after school only a few block from her school

her Mom is Amenta Norman her email is acebeautyspa@gmail.com her phone number is 708-315-0904

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: you have to investigate the food being served at that store .

McDonalds Cons: Daugther got food poision.

  • Food Poision
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First, if this was a case off food poisoning, there would be a lot of people sick not just your daughter. Secondly, have you contacted the location directly with your concerns?

That may be a good place to start since you live close. Also, I'd be a little more cautious about throwing out my family's names, phone numbers, and emails on a public internet blog.

And, finally, I'd be concerned if my daughter was eating McDonald's twice a day. Especially at a location from which she's gotten "food poisoning," twice.


stop friggin eating there then. take care of your child and learn about nutrition.


I would venture to say that the child's sickness has more to do with his diet and lack of nutrition and ability to ward off disease than with the food causing food poisoning. Twice a day to eat fast food is really not a healthy diet.


They should get a "service animal" and take them into McDonalds with them every time they eat. they could get the same "quack" who signed off on them getting "Nut Checks" to give them paperwork saying that their pooch is a service dog.

Then, when they go eat they can order extra hamburger patties for their dogs. i am sure that the dogs would love the raw quarter pounders with cheese alot.


Stop the child's eating there. What more do you need than two episodes of food poisoning ? Never publish your personal information on an open internet website forum ; you've opened the door wide and I suggest that you've probably already been hacked at least once.