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We went through the drive-through at approximately 6:30 pm and ordered a Caramel Frappe. According to the sign the price was posted $3.09 for only 1 size available. Whomever the girl was taking the orders couldn’t speak English. She kept telling me my order was coming up to eight dollars and something. I finally told my driver just to drive up to the window. I tried to explain to her that I only wanted 1 $3.09 Frappe.

After explaining it the best way I could...she said, “It’s $3.89.

I asked her how much tax where they adding on to $3.09? She said, .23 cents.

Again I asked her how did she come up with $3.89 when the coffee was $3.09 and $.23 tax? That equals $3.32.. She said, “Go next window.” When we got up to that window the manager was standing there. I asked her politely how she was coming up with that number when it was on the billboard at $3.09. He said that was not the price on the billboard that I was wrong and that the price was $3.89. I asked her to please go outside to look at the board because she had to charge me what price was on the billboard only. That she could not increase the price because if they had it printed incorrectly that they cannot do that inadvertently. I later identified this manager as Carmen. Carmen became very argumentative with us and told us we could give her the money for it or we could leave. I said ma’am again you cannot just raise the price if it’s on there incorrectly. I went back around to the board and took a photograph of the price posted . We took that picture inside and showed it to the manager and she immediately began arguing with us. We finally drove off and I called back to find out what her name was .

The same lady Who identified herself as the manager asked us why we wanted to know her name. I asked her again as the manager what was her name? Again she refused to give me her name. I asked her for the number for corporate and she refused to give me the number for corporate. I then contacted her back and asked her in a different way what her name was . I also had to ask her her name in Spanish as her English is pretty bad. After I asked her her name in Spanish and she gave it to me again she asked me who I was and what I wanted. I told her again that I was calling corporate to file a complaint.

Carmen started screaming on the phone and called me a liar that the sign showed $3.09 as a medium Frappe.... had I wanted to get a word in edgewise I would never have been able to the way she was carrying on so unprofessionally ... My first inclination was why can’t these people speak English well enough to be working here ? Because this is not my first time having a problem at this McDonald’s in particular. The last time I came to this McDonald’s they were out of fish sandwiches. I am submitting with this a photograph so you can see how it was posted yourself . Any other manager that I’ve dealt with with Mc Donalds, would have cordially said I apologize let me adjust this and then gone out and change the price on the sign accordingly . Carmen clearly is not management material other than maybe she speak Spanish and can speak to the employees that work there . I’m sorry Mc Donalds but this is the United States of America still that we live in an employee should be regulated to speak in English if they have an English-speaking customer. This may seem like a minute petty complaint to you. However once again this is not my first problem at that particular McDonald’s. In fact it’s probably about my fifth problem during that hour that I’ve attempted to go there. I guarantee you I will never go to that McDonald’s ever again!!!! Never in my life have I been screamed at by a manager like Carmen did to me tonight . It was appalling rude and uncalled for. I just wanted to make your company aware that this is who is representing Mc Donalds today in Las Vegas, NV on Bonanza and Pecos. Oh and FYI, we were going to order some dinner but because we couldn’t even get past the coffee clearly we were going to even order anything else after that. Please feel free to give me a call if you have any further questions regarding this matter.


Mary Henderson

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Frappe Coffee.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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