Overland Park, Kansas

I recently ate at a local Mc Donalds here in Northfield Ohio...It was two Angus Swiss and Mushroom burgers...I used the drive through...the Cashier at the first window was rude and unpleasant...I had commented on another site about her before and the manager assured me this wouldnt happen again...and now, there she is again...some people just shouldnt be working with the public, perhaps she is a better cook, but not a representative of the corporation...but my complaint is the food...the meat tasted like it had been frozen, thawed, refrozen, thawed, frozen again, thawed until it was dripping and then frozen by one last trip into the freezer before it was sold to me...it was horrible...no texture, just like eating a rice cake...yuck...and the rolls were stale...dried out...way past their prime...I sent a complaint to Mc Donalds corporate and they sent me a nice form letter thanking me for my comments...and the same person is on the same window and the food is just as bad as it was previously...

I hope Wendy's appreciate my new business...This American icon has fallen to new depths of *** poor service and totally ignoring the complaints of its customers... addah boy Mc Donalds...I think its time to buy a Whopper...

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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I'm really disappointed in McDonald's lately....not in just one location but several...alot of the times they don't get my food right when I go thru drive thru and headed home my foods cold or wrong...rude service from employees...i use to work at McDonald's in the 70s and 80s and if ever did what they do today we would of been fired...theres no reason for poor service and rude service....your company needs to enforce better of the both cause I'm at the point I don't want to stop there anymore...


Why have you not brought back the Cheddar Melt that was a big seller years ago? Please bring it back.


I wonder...what it does to your...credibility when you write like an ellipse-obsessed loony and seem...to have a weird...*** for one particular staff...member...beyond that it's just...funny to hear you actually...expected a corporate response...to your loony rant.


Any mcdonalds i have ever eaten at had a low standard of food. I think its in their buisness plan.

Low quality. High price.


I purchased a meal at a McDonald's located in Heber, Ut. I was waiting for a friend to arrive as she was held up for a little bit.

I was eating my meal and parked in the empty lot. I was alone and no person or vehicle's approached my vehicle. At one point an employee came out and asked what I was doing? I explained that I was a customer and I was eating and waiting for a friend.

He stated "Well, we have a Policy that you can not be parked here for more then an hour". He went on to say that if I did not leave he would call the Police. As I was not violating any laws, and there were no signs regarding this (Supposed) policy, I continued to eat my meal. McDonald's then contacted law enforcement and informed them that I was a possible drug problem.

NOTE: Do any of you believe that I would have just stayed if I were a drug dealer or user, or violating the law in any way?

There were also vehicle's still in the parking lot that had arrived at the same time I did. (I knew this because I was observing vehicle's to look for the person I was meeting). However, the police were not called on them, and apparently the Policy only pertained to me. Long story short, the police arrived and believing McDonald's had seen something to lead them to believe I was suspicious, they illegally detained me, then asked for me to do field sobriety testing.

I am a former Police Officer and Criminal Justice Major, who currently works in Private Investigations. I was carrying my legally concealed firearm and being questioned. They ended up arresting me for D.U.I. (Drugs).

They took me to jail and detained me for over 24 hours. My Alcohol test came back .000. My Forensic Toxicology for drugs was determined by the Utah State Crime Lab to be negative of any substances. I was required to spend over ten thousand dollars defending myself against a Policy that now nobody can seem to produce.

My reputation and future could be severely effected by this whole incident. I can not help but believe that if McDonald's had committed the same conduct in refusing service, or asking people to leave based on Color, Religion, or any other matter they decided to make up, that there would be a serious outcry by the leaders of these communities. It is no different as they random selected me to decide I was suspicious for no apparent reason. I am still muddling my way slowly to clear my name and reputation because of the violation of my Civil Rights to be treated equally as any other customer.

So, just a warning for anyone who may want to eat alone in their vehicle, don't eat at any McDonald's as you may end up in Jail. P.S.- As I am a private investigator, my vehicle is my office.

I am comfortable eating there as I spend sometimes days on surveillance.


Cool story. Now tell the parts of the story you conveniently left out, Magnum PI.


All I can say is - UNBELIEVABLE!!! A patron eating McDonald's product in THEIR parking lot being arrested while waiting for someone????

Really?????!!!!! I know you just lost a customer - for sure!

Too bad Wendy's wasn't down the street. Better quality and better treatment, I'm sure.Shame, shame, shame!!


I went to McDonald on 9959 Perkins rd on went thure drive thure and the person who work was very not nice were the red big girl that's always there on Mondays I miss here bad she very nice


Laurel, MD



IF you are driving alone....May GOD help you should you eat ANYTHING from that place.

Yes, I just lived through a night of pure Delirious H-LL, their Burger sandwich was THAT ***-backing BAD!


This complaint is for the McDonalds in Clintwood, Va. Over the last several months I stop by the drive thru very early in the morning.

I usually have a great experience the lady that use to take my order was fast and very friendly.But as of late there, I haven't had a good experience at all. It seems like it takes forever for the new girl to greet me, and even longer to take my order and get it right. I have never liked to complain because I am sure that this is hard work. But if things do not improve I will not go back.

From a customers point of view we tend to get use to people faces and it makes us feel good to see the same face just to give us the security of knowing that we are not a burden but someone who matters.


I had never had any issues with any McDonald's or any employees and last night I went to the McDonald's in New York Long Island stony brook and the woman was the nastiest person ever. She was screaming at me and I didn't even do anything wrong..

The order was wrong and the scream and I was trying to tell her and she wouldn't let me speak she just screamed "don't mind the screen!" I was so insulted and turned off that I left.. So incredibly rude.


Just went to McDonalds in Springboro, Ohio 45066. In the past 4 visits they got my order wrong twice (left food out), got one visit where I received food I didn't order.

Today I just spent $11 for some cold *** fish fillets.

NASTY! I will not ever be back


McDonald in destrehan louisiana is *** they can't take orders right. Prepare orders answer phone they need to be shut down


While I do agree that some people just shouldn't work directly with costumers, I am left to wonder if you are part of the problem. As a fast food manager I realized that no matter what you do, or don't do, some people will complain no matter what.

If the girl is still there than that means the problem probably lies with you sir. If I was the manager at that Mcdonalds I would be thrilled to lose your business to Burger King.

Let you go *** and complain to Burger Kings home office. And if eating out is so miserable for you, simple solution, stay home.


WOW I would bet you are a great manager with that attitude! I am sure the store owner at your place of employment would dis-agree (assuming you are working that is).

Managers like you are poisonous to a business. I should know since I am a business owner and would fire you in a hot second with that kind of attitude! The FIRST thing you should have been taught in manager school is "the customer is always right" It's the customers who make it possible for you to have a job! obviously the customer has had enough bad experiences at that location to complain about it!

Most people don't go around and complain and post complaints for no reason. The fact is the manager at that restaurant is probably just like you and is willing to let his inexperience in dealing with issues like this drive business away! Remember no customers equal no manager!

You could use some retraining yourself in good customer service! It's easy to make comments like "If I was the manager at that Mcdonalds I would be thrilled to lose your business to Burger King." when it's not your money you are chasing away from an establishment!


I recently went to a Mc'Donalds in Williamsburg Virginia off of Richmond road and I witness and employee coming from in the trash area smelling like he was smoking something is this how we work in the state of Virginia


I went through the drive throughat mc Donalds in Arvin ,ca and i keep asking for fresh frys from the speaker to the windows asking please!!! And i always get cold frys and thay act mean and always mess up my order!

I mean really how meany times do i need to call and report to there management witch dose no good!!


You think being a customer is bad? Try being a white employee.

No one trains you. No one listens to you.

No one helps you.

The worse part is the manager will pocket cash from your cash register.


Apparently the same thing happens in China Spring, Tx. The 'new' white kid didn't have a clue and the other 'non-white' superiors were not helping at all!! The service was horrible and everyone's orders were mixed up, even the drive thru's who were parking and coming in the store to try to get it straightened out.

We waited 44 min for a #3 - quarter pounder with cheese and even they screwed that up!!

The only cash I saw disappearing was potential customers just turning around and walking out after seeing all the people trying to get what they ordered

Store #32972 in China Spring Texas

I'm 'NOT Luvin It' !!


I can not agree with you more on this. All of it.

Are you speaking of neil street mcdonalds lol. Its a joke here.