Tulsa, Oklahoma

I slipped in the bathroom of Mcdonalds in Claremore Ok, 12/31/09. The adjustor Tracie, took a statement, said she would contact the restaurant, do an investigation and get back with me.

Nothing. I twisted up my ankle, bruised the top of my foot(wear work boot),banged my head on the coat rack from falling into the stall door. The manger told me they had been wwiting on a plumber for days to fix the BAD leak coming from the back side of the toilet. It was an old leak because it was green at the edges.

I told Tracie I couldnt see a Dr.

until I knew they would pay for it. Ihave headaches daily since the accident.

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The oldest trick in the book.

If you slipped and fell on a sidewalk, would you file a complaint with the local government? :cry


Why should they pay for your carelessness. Learn how to walk.