Los Angeles, California
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My family and I stopped by for coffee and hot Chocolate and they were both cold. Then we realized Mcdonalds had false advertisement on the coffee.

Bill board had $1.00 and we were charged $1.79. After speaking to the cashier about this she said "its my last day". After speaking to the manager he said it was a Senior price, although the board didn't have this information. After this, we were completely ignored.

If you are driving on the 10 freeway, Do not stop at the Mcdonals on 3030 Garvey in West Covina. Terrible location and customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Coffee.

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the senior price is actually .63. The dollar price is for at least a small coffee depending on the location.

Some stores offer it for all sizes and some for just the smaller size.

I am a manager at a McDonalds and the fact that the manager didnt even know what was going on is unacceptable. I would call corporate to file a complaint about the store.