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First the good news. We have a McDonald's here in Evansville on Lincoln Avenue just west of Green River Road.

They consistently receive awards for their excellent organization, prep work availability, fine customer service, very friendly employees and accurate order delivery. They push the drive through customers through so fast it is amazing. So all this is theoretically possible. For whatever reason the McDonald's on North Green River Road just south of Lynch Road isn't aware of this capability.

They are just the opposite. Very high turnover which explains a lot. Very popular items such as their one dollar breakfast items are consistently not ready. They run that location in a single-threaded mode.

Wait until the customer has paid (drive through or inside) and then start cooking the order. They rarely have someone at the pickup window drive forward to the holding area so people behind them can get their order and leave. We all wait at this location. 20 minutes in line for a Sausage McMuffin last week only to be told to move forward to a holding space for another relaxing 10 minute wait.

That surprised me because their employees don't like to come out in the cold to deliver an order. 30 minutes for a sausage McMuffin. There's something to be proud of. That's why the line is typically long at the drive through.

Everybody waits. When we pull up to the pickup window and 30 seconds elapses an employee will turn off the beeper that signals an order is running behind. No need to listen to that noise while the customer waits another 5 to 10 minutes or more at the window. My wife and I owned a large restaurant for many years and understood the importance of prep work.

I wrote corporate McDonald's twice complaining, in a nice way, about this location. Nothing changed. I place the blame on the local management. McDonald's is better than this as many of their locations demonstrate.

But for reasons I am not aware of this particular location is not interested in taking care of their customers any better than I explained above. It's disappointing because the location is very convenient for me on my morning commute. Sad actually when they could be so much better. Hardee's is also on my way to work and is now my breakfast provider.

Value of my loss below is what an hour of my time is worth to me. Multiply it by how many total hours I have spent sitting in line to derive an actual real loss value.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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What do you expect for a dollar? Cheap whiny hiny.


This morning I decided to try my luck with this same location. There were two cars in front of me at the drive through order menu board.

They moved through quick, which surprised me. When I go to the first window to pay they got me through very fast. When I pulled up to the pickup window my order was sitting there ready. What a pleasant difference.

I must have been in a parallel universe because this kind of fast, quality service has never happened to me before at this location. Great job folks.

Please keep it up.


I wrote the above complaint and now that it is published I notice random punctuation characters have been added that were not input by me. But the original wording is correct.

Where did the extra punctuation come from and why?

Makes it look like I didn't take the time to edit my comments, which I did. We'll see what extra it adds to this response.

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