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I only ask one thing of fast-food burger joints: no pickles! The most recent and consistently screwed up joint - McDonalds. Their crew is not polite, don't care about their jobs, or the way the food is prepared or tastes. Almost every time without fail, they put a sticker on it that clarifies that I ordered without pickles and it has a sticker that says: double-checked for accuracy. Bull!

Someone from corporate should think about doing some serious research into their employees.

I spend a lot of money at McDonalds each year because I like the taste of their burgers, their fries (when they are hot and fresh) and the price. That could change very soon if something is not done!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Burger.

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Anyone that complains about McDonalds needs to get a life! You get what you pay for!


The irony here is that the pickles are the only healthy part of the whole meal.... :p


Did you double check for spelling mistakes when you posterd letter. As you can see they are not the only lazy ones.


Why not just pull the pickles off yourself? You can't expect a custom-cooked meal, it's McDonalds for Christ's sake.


:roll I used to work at mcdonalds for years. both as a manager and as a crew member. and the number one problem i management and the other higher ups. i can say that as a crew member i tried to be as nice to customers as i could. However everyone has a bad day or two and the rudness of CUSTOMERS has never ever ceased to amaze me. I can understand at times the frustration of having a wrong order, but is there really a need to act like the hugest jack@@@ ever. I have never been so talked down to, or been cussed at so much by GROWN ADULTS, or been treated so rudly by CUSTOMERS as i was at McDonalds. There were people that came through that were never ever ever happy with an order, people who complained about everything under the sun, how can you make people like THAT happy and still slap a smile on your face for min wage.

As a manager i can say that you have NONE Zero support from the store manager and the higher ups. They don't listen to your suggestions, about employees, who to or not to hire, how to improve customer service and why would they, you as a manager are only there on a day to day bases sometimes over 12 hours how would you possible know what is going on in the stores.

The McDonalds i worked at had a major cockroach problem

avoid the one in

Hobart, Indiana INSIDE THE WALMART on Route 30

and no one except managers and crew cared about it and what can we do we are NOT authorized to call exterminators. The store manager did not give a *** the district manager didn't care. at all and i know for a fact she knew of the problem.

So i feel for everyone who has ever had bad service. And i know that one rude employee can ruin it all. But when a managaer has zero support what can they really do to that employee.



Flippin' pickles, man. I totally love the taste of Big Macs, I mean, there's SUGAR IN THE BUNS.

It's chemically made for you to love it. But they always do forget about the pickles, and now, I've bitten into one too many.

When I'm craving those chemical enhancements now, Whopper Jr. is a pretty good alternative.


I am not a Mc Donald's employee. I do work in fast food only at different franchise.

All of the Mc Donalds in the area I live in have alot of problems. All of the owners basically take all the money they make and run. They do not value their employees. They don't understand that the employees can make or break the business.

Most people that work in fast food do not intend to be rude to the customers. I know it is their job to be polite and make sure the customer gets a quality product, but the reality is that they are human. They make mistakes just like everyone else. they get paid minimum wage for an immense amount of work.

They deal with extremely difficult customers. Twenty years ago, a store owner would be working in their store and customers would have been treated better, but also a customer would have not been allowed to treat an employee badly too. Maybe owners should be more active in their stores? I know the company I work for has 12 stores.

I know the owner because I am in management, but most of the crew members have never met the owner.

He has no idea who his employees are. I think something needs to change and we need to go back to the value system we had years ago.


I don't know why you people go there to eat Mcdonalds DOG FOOD anyways. McDs is the bottom of the barrel. Don't expect too much from underpaid employees.


So! You're the one that gets my pickles!! Wondered where they went.


:( I swear there is one mcdonalds here in bellevue, off of hwy 370 and 36th street that has no concept of customer service. Everytime I go they screw up my order.

I wait 20 minutes in line, 20 minutes to get my food and so on. last week I took my 5 and 3 year old, we were there for an hour and half and the trash was over flowing on to the floor. No once in that 90 minutes we were they did anyone come out to check the lobby.

People didn't know where to put there trash so they were leaving it on the table or just pileing it on top of the already over flowing trash can. It was really bad and we will not go back to that one.


I have noticed the same thing about fast food in general. They really DON'T even care most of the time.

DO yourself a favor and cut down eating fast food. Your health will improve, your blood pressure will decrease and you will waste a lot less of your precious life fuming over a pickle.