Nashville, Indiana

I ordered 2 hamburgers at the Nashville, Indiana McDonalds this evening. On one bun, there were 2 pieces of meat that totaled approx.

half a hamburger. I have pictures if you would like them. This McDonalds hardly ever gets our orders right. And a few mornings ago I got a vanilla latte that had chocolate syrup not only in it, but all over the outside of the cup!

There are always missing parts of our meals and the service is horrible compared to any other McDonalds we've been to - that means it's pretty *** bad! We've complained many times, but it only gets worse.

Review about: Mcdonalds Hamburger.

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maybe yer a chode and the employees know it. Eat a banana and go for a jog.


The only way to get back at them is to go to the McDonalds website and email them the information from the receipt and photos of the problem. this store is deliberately doing this to you and the manager is condoning it. Beware of the special sauce!

Irving, Illinois, United States #897966

How unusual - McDonalds is well-known for their quality and competant customer service - LOL


Why do you keep going there?

to Wondering Lanham, Maryland, United States #944291

They go back because they are so cheap.

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