Washington, District Of Columbia

I went to McDonald's today, and was harrassed by an ignorant black man that worked there. He said,"Gib me a dolla." He was begging for money.

I asked to speak to the manager. This big fat greasy looking black woman that looked like a baboon came out and said "Wut da *** u iz wuntz an sheet!" I was appalled. Then I heard what sounded like a bunch of chimpanzees fighting in the jungle.

I turned around and saw that an epic and brutal cat 5 chimpout had erupted over a bigmac. Why do black people act so crazy at McDonald's?

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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I don't know I thought they only went this crazy over kFC?


I like some of the stores. Great play ground for the kids in Arizona. We don't eat there, kids need better food.


I only have one thing to add to this post.If you "Sorry *** White People",Do not like the service at McDonalds why?In the *** do you keep going their spending your money.And also their is nothing like a "Poor *** Honkie".They are always in the" *** Way".But who can beat them trying to get in where they do not fit in.Talking about your tax dollars,*** you probably do not even work.And please do not say anything about begging because white people beg all the "*** Time".You all are "Low Life ***".I see a lot of white people that cannot even go home because they are so charged up on "Drugs".Before you speak on anyone else take a good look at yourself.Please by all means come to Texas so we can should you how we deal with the "KKK" You piece of "White ***".


Yes, well said. White people are awful and terrible creatures. They should be flogged at once.


A black person name 'Connie'? LMAO!!! Wow, you must hate your mother and want to *** slap her.


Hahahahahaha! Thank you for saying what you really feel.

Black people act fools in public and ruin everything. Its not just macdonalds they spread like butter. Alays wantin handouts, livin off welfare, dey baby daddy gone n dey need help. *** quit havin kids.

Im tired of payin for yalls *** with my tax dollar.

Get it together or go the *** back to africa. And whoever said "you should die", you are *** up because the story was probably a 100% accurate one, down to the chimp fight.


You don't know nuthin man! We iz aight.


go kill yourself!


if yall want to call black people ignorant maybe yall should take a look around cause i see white people beggin all the time. And learn how to spell while you're @ it


Its not racist go to YouTube and search chimpout at McDonald's and you will see a ton of videos.


I don't think it's racist to admit that some black people act a little too crazy, especially in public sometimes. but it's beyond racist to post something like you posted.


I would laugh at how ridiculous and *** you are, however I suspect you really ARE an ignorant ***. Please do the world a favor and don't procreate.


Do you really think your funny posting your comments you ignorant *** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!