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I have worked at the McDonald's in Union City, IN for close to 2 yrs. since the new store manager and the new ppm started they have received numerous complaints on untimely service and rudeness .

There has been numerous call in and the turn over is the worst I have ever seen. Managers tell staff other employees business , they have personally threatened and yelled at me on numerous occasions causing me to just walk out. Now I'm out of a job because I don't appreciate being treated so unprofessionally . I have been up front of store and have heard managers yelling and cussing at students who work there.

There are manager trainees and crew smoking marijuana in parking lot, they found a bag of cocaine in drive through. Others come in on all kinds of pills. Those of us that showed up, worked our butts off and dependable got the blunt of everything cause they overlooked people who called in, no no show or late, if they liked u. Going to the store manager does not do any good .

I was told by owner to contact her direct after second time I walked out, I did that the day before I walked out this time. But didn't do any good.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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There is more going on with your complaint, than what you stated. There can't possibly be all the things going on that you don't approve of.

If you have the proof that people are doing drugs, and cocaine was found in the drive through, report it to the police. Do you have actual proof that what was in the bag was cocaine, and not something that one of the employees planted as joke? Working at McDonald's for two years isn't all that long of a work history and I'm sure there are things that you still have to learn. There is a chain of command, and people that do a lot of complaining aren't looked on very favorably.

No matter where you work there will always be some people that you don't like or get along with. In order to remain contented in job, you have to learn to ignore some things, and go with the flow. It would be interesting to know what you consider to be rude, threatening, etc. If somebody uses a loud voice, that isn't necessarily yelling and did it ever occur to you that if somebody was being yelled at, they might have done something really wrong.

You are also way out of line saying that some of the employees come in on all kinds of pills. That is just plain presumptuous on your part. Exactly how do you know that? If any of these people are on pills they could be prescription pain medication, or some type of chronic illness.

In my 73 years I have known lots of people that can put on the act of being high on something, or drunk, either one.

There are all types of people in the world.