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I went to McDonald on 02/5,2012 at 10:57am, to purchase breakfast I had order (1) Sausage McGriddle and Med size coffee. In my order there were McMuffin sausage w/cheese sandwich and the coffee I order. I had to drive to Lancaster, Tx. And this McDonald was in Dallas, Tx @ 310 W Kiest. I had to far to drive back. But I call (3) times to let them know about the order, no one answer the phone. I called at 11:33am, 11:35am , 11:38am. I don't know it this is the sales person number #12 . And on the receipt is has store # 25433 and KVS order 83. Look like there register needed tape. But I was one unsatified customer. I stop there because I was coming from church.

Thank you

Ms. Washington

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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If you call McDonalds (or any restaurant) at 11:33 or anytime from about 11am to 1pm, it is lunch time. I hope they are serving the customers and not answering the *** phone calls.

Call after lunch. But not at dinner time:)