Columbus, Ohio

This past Friday i went to your newest McDonald. I live on the west side of Columbus.

I went at 9 pm approximately. At that time i had wanted to get a large iced mocha and a large Carmel latte. In my iced mocha i always get to splenda added and i was told i could not do that and than she changed my order and said i could only purchase a frappuccino of some kind. That is not what i wanted but that was all that was available at that time she said.

This store is open 24 hours how is that possible. I normally go to Starbucks i pay 10.90 for to venti not only am i paying for delicious coffee at that price but there customer service can not be matched. I would rather pay 10.90 for my coffee and have a wonderful experience with all involved than to pay 6.58 and be treated rudely. A few weeks ago i go through your drive Thur on georgesville and she is so rude and pissed she had to put splenda in my iced mocha.

Now this morning i go to that brand new McDonald's again and there is a young man remaking my coffee because her and i were talking (and i was telling her of the previous experience) he had the coffee finished with whip cream which i did not want so in remaking it there was a ton of ice and extra extra cream. Not much coffee. He did not wipe my cup and kept telling the lady at front drive thru it was fine. She did wipe it off.

You could tell he was angry. So i want you to know i would rather pay full price than be treated this way.

There are so many places to spend our money but the places receiving mine will HAVE FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE! I hope that you will address this matter

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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By the way, no matter how brand new the McDonalds (why that mattered in your post I do not know), the mocha and latte machine SHUTS down automatically to clean and sanitize itself every so many hours and those drinks are not available. If you have a question, just ask.

Mocha drinks, hot or cold, come with whipped cream - ask for it without.

And it is difficult & time-consuming to put your hand under steaming hot coffee machine to add splenda while others wait behind you - just ask for a packet. Walk inside and watch your drink being made once


You get what you pay for. Nobody expects fantastic customer service at a fast food place.

To me it just plain sounds like you have a major chip on your shoulder against McDonald's. You had a bad experience the first time you went, so why did you go back?


I'm with anonymous; why did you go back to a place you said gave sub-par service? And, if they are upset, as you say, about putting Splenda in your coffee drink, then why don't you keep those little packets in your car to add to it yourself?

Stop thinking you will be treated like royalty wherever you go, as it is very unrealistic, and will cause you no end of grief.