Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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I ordered a breakfast meal and substituted OJ for coffee. I asked what size OJ was included with meal and was told "medium." I was not told that there would be an upcharge for this substitution.

I informed the manager (Lisa) that the team member serving me had not informed me of an upcharge. The manager insisted that their menu board stated that there would be an upcharge for substituting Orange Juice for coffee. She was unable to find this and point it out when I asked her to.

She then rudely/angrily threw money on my tray.

She did not apologize.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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It's always on the menu, usually at the end of the combo list. If not, they DO list the price of OJ separately.

If the price of the drink you wish to substitute is more than 1$, you will be upcharged. They don't lower the price of any drink for a combo.

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