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i went to the mcdonalds on lake underhill and alafaya in orlando, fl at around 2 am one night to get some things. I got an iced tea that was both sweet and unsweet. of course the incompetent imbeciles there got it wrong. it was too sweet, so i went back to get some extra unsweet tea to add to it. no problem for any restaurant usually even mcdonalds. However, the mistake I made was when requesting this I looked this *** n*gger when talking to him and ive learned that in orlando, fl, the people here are violent and psychotic. most of them aer just crazy, no manners ill educated demons from *** or something. the people in orlando are the biggest degenerates to exist and many that work at mcdonalds are even worse. there is a *** sounding n*gger that works at this mcdonalds at night...he is a puny skinny reject and this *** decides to just start ARGUING wtih me for no reason....i just wanted some extra unsweet tea...he could have easily put it in a cup given it to me, and no big deal, but because he is a violent mentally deranged psychopath he decides to fight and put me down and begin telling me that he HAS to have my cup and thats POLICY. i said no it's not policy...ive done this many times before...

the hideous deranged n*gger is fighting me for no reason, yelling at me harassing me...i hope someone beats the living sh*t out fo this hideous worthless sub human roach which is waht this *** thing is. how dare he...im just a peaceful kind customer asking for some extra tea in a small cup..any other place does it with no problem, but not psychotic *** n*gger at this mcdonalds....he finds it a power trip to begin arguing with me for no reason.. i wanted the punch the sh*t out of this worthless crazy loser. then, the sociopath goes to another employee and begins telling her this that also he CLAIMED to be the manager...lol really? he was also a psychopathic liar...then this chubby dumb fat teenage looking *** comes to the window and says "well my manager says that we have to replace the cup." i said i jsut want a little bit of extra unsweet tea...i dont want my cup replaced...so these mentally incompetent incapacitated whackjobs are ok with giving me an ENTIRE CUP of tea but nota tiny bit more?? can someone slap the *** out of these pathetic horrible jerks?? i said...no its not policy...again...

then some dumb old lady comes...and i ask her again ok i just need some extra unsweet tea....this incompetent rat again says they have to replace the ENTIRE thing..i said no you don't....then she said...well i can give you a LITTLE bit more...i said OK YES SURE....ALL THAT for just a little bit of unsweet tea??? the crazy psychotic n*gger in teh background was FLAMING as if i was trying to get extra tea lol....as if i was a thief....really n*gger...you worthless pile of deranged ***...?? if the restaurant was open i could go inside and get TEN GLASSES OF TEA AS THERE ARE FREE REFILLS??? this deranged n*gger first gets my order wrong then yells at me fights me then acts as if im trying to get extra unsweet tea...huh??!!! then as the old dumb lady was filling the cup the ANGRY violent n*gger says "TAHTS enough" to her as if she was giving me too much...oh i just made this n*gger SO FURIOUS for asking for my order to be made right...how dare this worthless maggot get ANGRY at a customer for asking for a little bit of unsweet tea...treat a customer with such disrespect...not only does somene need to b*tchslap this worthless pile of garbage n*gger but this n*gger from *** needs to be fired...what a useless individual just harassing WOMEN AT THE DRIVE THRU YELLING AT THEM AND STRESSING THEM OUT FOR NO REASON??? this n*gger pile of sh*ts manager is going to be hearing about his rude violent and aggressive behavior towards innocent female customers.....also the people in orlando are degenerates b ut no joke black people in orlando are the WORST....anywhere else they are nice decent but orlando...its like orlando has the biggest sub humans of all creatures on this planet...mcdonalds fire the angry violent aggressive *** n*gger pile of sh*t at this place and hire some DECENT PEOPLE....mc

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Dallas, Texas, United States #797323

Sounds to me like if anyone is "Crazy Its You".You sound as if you feel the world owes you something.You stated someone needs to slap the *** out of this person,You are a first class "Coward" since you feel the need that this person needs to be slapped,Why did you not do the slapping yourself?You are "Poor White Trash" And actually you need your Poor White *** Kicked".You have the nerve to call yourself angry over some F------ Tea.B---- you are the one Crazy.Stay home and Make your own F------ Tea sorry B----.The world does not revolve around your S----- A--.People like you is what F--- up the world.You poor *** white people always think you are above everyone else,When actually you are *** and I mean *** in the lowest form.B---- get a life and Leave other people along.Now take this post and See if you can F--- this around.Low Life B----.

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