Bethel, Ohio
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Went to McDonalds in bethel ohio, ordered a veggie wrap no meat, when I got to work 1 hr away I went to eat my lunch it was a very thin wrap with hardly anything in it didn't have anything else to eat so I ate it. I called the McDonalds back asked for the manager she said they rang it up wrong that was why it was not stuffed she also said the owners were in that day and said they were not allowed to refund nor replace food without getting the food back.

So I called corporate who took info and passed it on to a owners group, then a local area manager called me back played phone tag for awhile, then they said it was mcdonalds policy to not refund without the food, said would send me a coupon, I guess I was suppose to totally starve at work instead of partly. Meanwhile I probably wasted an hour of my time trying to get this corrected.

Will never go to another McDonalds again. Obviously my time is not valuable to them only to me..

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Don't need a soup kitchen just want what I paid for and without the hassle, u must work at McDonalds or u would not have posted such a unthought of poorly written comment.


Sounds to me like someone getting a free meal, if you want your food replaced you have to bring the original food back. This is a restaurant not a halfway house of soup kitchen.

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