Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Well I go to the McDonalds in Camden, DE on route 10 a lot. I went to order a mcwrap meal and got a large drink and large fries.

Well I went to the first window and payed and went to the second window and was handed my drink.. Waited for about another 5 minutes and was handed a closed bag and the lady said: "bye". I drove off to not stall because there were cars behind me and I look in the bag and there was McChicken and small fries in the bag! I looked on my receipt and I was charged for the mcwrap meal and the larg fries and drink!

Word of advice; ALWAYS check your bag before leaving the window McDonald's. cheap ***.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Actually that's on you. One there is a huge weight difference between a McWrap meal and a MccChicken/small fry. And secondly, everyone knows to check the bag before you pull away.


Of course you should check your take out order at the window, but most people don't. It only takes a minute to do so, even if there are cars behind you. If the order is wrong, it isn't your fault, it is the store's fault, so don't worry about the cars behind you.