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McDonalds is run by a low life pack of liars. How did your name get on the tweet?

It is funny , I have never heard of that one. The people of this country should drop McDonald like a ton of bricks. McDonald is losing market share daily as well they should. McDonalds want to be all things to all people.

Hear is a news flash for you. Young people are tired of you dry burgers. I worked there and your use McDonald's burgers as Hockey puck . McDonald's breakfast and course.

No one manages the stores. Here is the very truth. in the morning when my friends and I go to the McDonalds on Wayne Memorial Drive , Goldsboro, NC, we have seen all the staff talking while we wait. They have complained to Raleigh and it does no good.

Non of your incompetent management at the top will never be as successful as President Trump. You don't lead a nation, you just keep pumping out food that is harmful to people's health. You tweeted that tweet about Mr. Trump and you know it.

Your mask come off and you put down Mr. Trump. I am tired of eating your dried out burgers. You all are adding to your menu just like Hardees .

You day shall come when your company will fall. Peace

Review about: Mcdonalds Burger.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Appears Trump has brainwashed this guy very well. I wonder what else he copies from his dictator. Let me guess: One of the dolts that say "Fake News!" with a straight face.

to off***sumer***ed #1311244

You sound like a dumb, liberal, fool. You are the fake news for this site, jack off.

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