Corning, Arkansas

On I-10 in Texas wanted to stop and get a *** to eat, pulled into whataburger Restaurant 578 address: 2204 Hwy. 71 south Columbus, TX 78934 phone: (979) 732 8681.

This restaurant is absolutely DISGUSTING. It's filthy, there is trash all over the floor while standing there for 26 minutes waiting for my food, I never saw an employee sweep up. You can tell the place has not been moped. There are TONS of BUGS in the facility(have pictures to prove) there were CRICKETS on the KITCHEN floor hoping around everywhere on the walls, gnats flying everywhere Walking out I also saw 2 stink bugs on the wall.

I have never seen anything so disgusting in my ENTIRE life. I am so dumb founded that a manager could ever let a restaurant get that bad. I have always been a fan of whataburger but this has got me totally grossed out. The health department NEEDS to get there ASAP!

Absolutely no reason for that kind of management or should I say laziness. The trashcan outside of the door was over filled and on the ground. Again. Pictures to prove it all.

The most Dirtiest place I think I've been to.

This is why I will now choose McDonald's over a filth hole. I truly hope something gets done about this.

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"Mcdonalds - Dirtiest place i have EVER seen."

Obviously you've never seen the inside of your own ***


i worked at a what a burger for three weeks when i was 15. It was in Fort Worth though, but it was the same way...

bugs everywhere. I even got a manager and showed him the roaches on the counter.

His solution to the problem? Get a can of raid and squish them with it.