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my name is tania staton im a single black female im 34 years of age on nov.20 2012 i went to mcdonalds on 4125 s.mmorial dr. in greenville nc to fill out an application.when i went in there the store manager name karen was talking with a white male and his mothe.

She also handed him a hiring package told him to take it home and bring it back the next day.Once she was finish talking with them i ask her where they hiring she told me no and that she dont have hours to give try coming back some other time and she did not even ask me to fill out an application she left me standing there and went back to her office i feel that was wrong she told the white male to bring back his package but toldme she not hiring.She was dishonest and very unprofessional poor customer service. I hope someone take this in consideration thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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What you saw the manager handing the young man was a training packet. We get them shortly after we're hired.

I don't agree with the way she treated you when you asked about if they were hiring though. Everyone gets a chance to work there, white or black, male or female.

If you still feel like you got the short end of the stick, call up the owner of the restraunt and explained what happend. They might be able to do something for you.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #572362

Did it ever occur to you that the male had already been hired and that the hiring packet was the final paper work? I have never heard of a fast food place that gives a person more than just the application form.

Actually after a person is hired they receive packet of rules and regulations that they have to read and usually there is a form to fill out stating that they have read and understand it, that has to be signed. i get really tired of hearing people cry "racism."

Greenville, North Carolina, United States #572158

I feel people should get treated the same no matter what color you are peole have feelings

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