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I went to McDonald's and ordered 2 meals. One was a chicken nuggets meal.

I asked for my chicken nuggets and French fries to be dropped fresh as I always do. So when I got to the window I checked my food and the food was not fresh when I touched it. So, then I took a bite into a nugget to check to see if it was to my liking, and it was not, so I asked the McDonald's worker if I could return the food and have fresh food dropped, which they said yes, and they then took my food back through the window and walked towards the the back. When they came back, about a minute later, I noticed the bag looked like the same bag and I thought surely they could not have gone and re-dropped the same food that I have had my hands on and food that has been in my mouth..

I physically bit the nugget so there had to have been saliva Left Behind.. And everybody after me who got anything in that grease is eating what I had in my mouth, and I find that terribly disgusting there are plenty of bacteria, I'm sure that can survive high heat temperatures. Who's to say I don't have a disease or infectio that you are exposing to everyone? How often does this really happen here?

It truely makes me wonder.. And the fact that I'm even wondering does not make me feel good about Mcdonalds and the people representing the brand in this store! I'm really just appalled that something so simple, just dropping new nuggets, has become such a hard task. I cannot believe that someone would really do a thing like that.

You hear about these things but don't feel like it would happen to you. That's what I foolishly thought, until this just happened. For the supervisor to come to the window and act almost entitled and refused to give me names of the person who put my food back in the grease like she is protecting what they have done, I think is wrong and she should have been more sympathetic and understandings of the fact that I just had a terrible experience, and focused more on the customer service aspect. Instead she just would rather be right and defend a wrong action.

There was no way that this is right or legal for that matter. I'm sure that you can not take food from someone's mouth and put it back in grease that you're going to serve many more people. Just like you can't pick up food off the ground and put it back in grease of in someones bag. It's unsanitary abd disgusting and I will be talking to my lawyer about this matter.

I have provided you pictures of the receipt of that night and the exact receipt from the transaction. Also pictured is the half bitten nugget in my meal which I had just taken back after I received my nuggets back through the window and realized that these were the same nuggets because my half bitten nugget was right there on top..

Refried. Something must be done.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Chicken Nuggets.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Quote - "Refried.Something must be done." ::: something was done , twice. This is not the first time, just an occasion of your having caught them at it regardless of your "fresh drop" theory.Solution : BOYCOTT

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