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Went to McDonald's at 40523 N Gantzel Rd QUEEN CREEK AZ 85140 & as my friend and I walked in, manager says "UUUGHHHHH" and WAILS very loudly at us for walking in!! It was an hour before they closed!

We were walking in for an icecream for the both of us and we were going to leave right after! This chick yells at her employee right in front of us "I THOUGHT YOU LOCKED THE DOOR!" So she not only acted like a flippin child right away, but she expressed her want to NOT serve us. It took all my might to not say something to her. She attempted to close the store an hour early which is already a violation on her behalf and shows she should not be running this place.

Then the woman who did end up taking my order gave me a Oreo mcflurry instead of an M&m. I asked for M&m and she said "Huh?" I said M&m please. She said "Oh uh... oh yeah okay." Rang me up for an M&m and then gave me Oreo after we had gone over the fact that I wanted M&m twice.

I went back up to the counter and said I asked for an M&M mcflurry but this is Oreo, do you think you can replace this please? It was the same employee and all she said was "Sure". My friend watched her go up to the toppings, put the mcflurry under the M&m slot, stop what she was doing, and moved my mcflurry to the Oreos AGAIN AFTER I ASKED FOR M&M NICELY????? She turned around and handed it back to me with no smile no apology and I just stared blankly at her.

Obviously she had intention to mess up my order so I turned around and sat Down and took my time eating with my friend. The entire time the manager from the beginning of this experience was flashing us dirty looks. I seriously wanted to throw my icecream on the floor and act as childish as these babies were acting.

Horrible management teaching their staff to act just as horrible. Don't go to 40523 N Gantzel Rd QUEEN CREEK AZ 85140.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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