Dear McDonald Corporate, I have been calling for the past two days, but have not been able to connect to a service member so this is why I am writing here. On July 16, 2017 at around 7:15 pm, I visited the McDonald's on 575 Franklin Ave, Franklin Square, NY 11010.

I went to go get free ice cream with my mobile app. I had 3 other people along with me. As I ordered on the drive through and went to pay, I was told they could not scan all the barcodes. Meanwhile I have used other mobile coupons for the frappes and fries before.

The employee called the manager who scanned three phones at once, and told me to pull up to the next window where I would receive my four ice cream cones. When I pulled up, I was only handed two. When I asked the manager, she responded with a rude tone saying I can not recieve my other two cones because the barcodes are invalid. This is because she already scanned the barcodes before hand all at once.

She then stated to come inside to get the rest of the cones. I had to get up out of my car and go inside. Even though I was at the drive through, where I thought the whole purpose of it is so that you don't have to get up out your car. As I went inside, the manager ignored me.

I went to the employee and she looked at all four codes, saying that they were different. The manager She tried talking to the manager, but the manager stated to ignore us and take the next customer. I felt really disrespected. The employee still stood by me and tried telling the manager that I had four different codes and that she had scanned the codes all at once.

She rescanned all the codes and one of them still worked, even though the manager said it didnt. This showed that the manager did not even check. The employee even stated that a lot of people have problems with this manager and that she is rude. The manager first refused to give me the other cone whose code worked, but then the employee convinced her to give me atleast the one cone whose code worked and she had the reciept to prove it.

Giving me a dirty look, the manager handed me the ice cream cone. When I asked for her name, she gave me a look and ignored. When I asked her again, she stated in a soft low voice Aliza. She wasted my time and I felt really disrespected.

I had four codes, but was only given three ice cream cones. It was not my fault that she scanned all my codes at once and they didnt work. I can not believe McDonalds hires managers like her, who has no consideration nor respect for her customers.

I was very displeased by this behavior and will never step into McDonalds again. Sincerely, A very displeased customer

Review about: Mcdonalds Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Manager aliza.

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