Macclenny, Florida

I order a couple mcdoubles in drive thru at the mcdanolds in Macclenny Florida.

There was a young lady at the first window just as sweet as she could be, so I had to ask for her name because she is the only one that was always polite, her name is Nisha.

Anyways my order was wrong so I went in to talk to the manager, but I waited for almost 15 min... before a manager came. I told her my problem which she seem to have an attitude but she got my order strait. As I was waiting. She was talking about her own co-workers also using profanity. Also the men there was

Touching all over another manager there. And neither of them was doing nothing about it. I asked the manager i spoke with for her name and she said javonda. I have NEVER seen unprofessional managers in my life. you dont embarass or treat your co-workers like trash. So who ever is in charge better take care of this problem or I will take my business else where......

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

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