2050 New Cut Rd, Spartanburg, SC 29303
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I'm not a political person but today I witnessed something that just made me sick at my stomach. The US flag represents alot for this country.

Its not racial due to the fact every race had bleed or sacrificed for it at times of war and even peace. I was taking Lindsay out today and she wanted McDonalds for lunch, like that's a surprise. I pulled into the restaurant and there on the pavement in the parking lot was their US flag, right where it could be run over. I was going through the drive thru so I called inside and told them .

They said they would take care of it. This is their care. It was picked up from the parking lot , crumpled up into a wad and placed at the flag pole on the ground. To me that's so much disrespect its I will never go to McDonald's again.

I have kids I care about serving this country right now for that flag, one in the Army and another in the Air Force as well as family that have served. McDonalds on new cut rd you need to have a history class as well as teach your employees how to respect AMERICA!!

Reason of review: Disrespect of our Flag our veterans.

Preferred solution: Apologize to everyone in Spartanburg and train your employees better than this.

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I think that McDonald's should fly huge rainbow flags on the flagpoles at their "restaurants", to let everybody know that they are a welcoming place for all people.


Is this another internet flag story scam? Be honest!